The Wardrobe: 1x3 Remix. One dress. Three Season.

I do realize we're in the middle of Summer and the weather is unbearably hot, but going trough some outfits I wore the last seasons I noticed that I styled  one dress in three completely different ways to wear in the Fall, Winter and Spring. I thought: Well this is a perfect addition to my 3x1 feature! After all it's meant to inspire you and give you ideas how you can wear one piece in different ways and re-discover your wardrobe! Let me tell you when I was sewing this dress I didn't think it would be so versatile that I can wear it not just in different ways but in different seasons... turns out I couldn't be any more wrong!


Dress: Made by me / Purse: Carpisa / Hat & Jewelry: H&M / Boots: From a local store
See the entire post HERE.


Dress: Made by me / Blazer: Dika / Fur: H&M / Necklace: Handmade / Boots: From a local store
See the entire post HERE.


Dress: Made by me / Trench: Thrifted / Purse: Carpisa / Shoes: Vera Pelle
See the entire post HERE.

Do you like to remix your clothes?



I love your looks!!!!!
thepinkapple said…
Interessante questo post, è divertente e utile poter riadattare lo stesso vestito brava!!
Life Lover said…
Wow I like this post a lot.
Your blog is awesome too. :D

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Stay tuned & keep up the good work. :*
Lilli said…
very lovely ideas for different seasons my dear! kisses!:*
Katia said…
I love that butterfly jacket!

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Lovely dress, and the color looks so nice on you dear!
Fantastic post!Great looks!

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Anonymous said…
you're so pretty!!
You're so so pretty <3 Such a beautiful dress, love the colour <3

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The Urban Umbrella
Like spring and winter!
Elegantesque said…
you look gorg darling, this is great if you can wear it over the season that's perfect !



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Hi sweetie, Thanks for your sweet comment :3 ♥
It's make me so happy you love my news clothes! ;)
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Irina Toretto said…
Interessant post.
It's grat you can wear this dress all seasons !
Tony SHT. said…
Плами, страхотен пост! Любимата ми комбинация е пролетната!
Great dress for all seasons!
Caro * said…
Lovely outfits, your dress is very cute and I love your jacket in Winter !! :)