June 8, 2012

New in The Wardrobe: Seeing butterflies

Hey loves! Today I want to show you a trench coat that I got quite some time ago, but you've never seen before. It's so beautiful that I figured it deserves an entire post dedication! Lately I am all about bright colors and fun girly prints so when I saw this in my favorite thrift store I just had to have it no matter what! It's one of those perfect pieces you fall in love with it and don't have any doubts about taking home! 

Have a great weekend and wear your favorite clothes!



GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Really interesting design. Very pretty butterflies.
Seattle Beauty and Fashion Blog

Ash said...

It's very cute! Butterflies are my favourite (well, they're every girl's favourite!).

It's been very long since I last commented on your blog. I'm sorry for that. But now, I'm back!

Have a great day!


AntiquityTravelers said...

That is awesome - and just so very you my dear!

Sianna said...

Бях забравила, че чаках да го видя xD Много е готин и нежен =)

morganvsmorgan said...

so cool! would love to see it in an outfit post!

V. said...

outfit, outfit!


Puebla Chic said...

First I saw how you wear it and I was like thats a cool coat and then I sa it hanging in here it totally looks diferent! You rocked it girl!

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