Inspirational Quote: It's a wonderful life

Happy Monday! The greatest purpose everyone has is to be happy! Truth is we all have the tendency to think of happiness as a destination, we think that when when we reach a certain point, achieve a goal, win over a person everything will look brighter! Well may be happiness is actually the journey and we're the only ones responsible for the way we feel! If you set you mind to it happiness will come, you'll find it in the most unexpected little moments of beauty! 

Think like Winnie the Pooh:

Because ...

And if you love it, life will love you right back!



blue roses said…
i adore winnie the pooh, so brilliant; it just occurred to me that i need to get some winnie the pooh stories for my niece!
Anonymous said…
Aww!!!! I just love the 'my favorite day' thought. I kind of feel that way everyday!!! It's a great way to feel :)
what a great point of view my dear!
Love the Winnie the pooh quote!