The Met Gala red carpet - the good, the bad and the clueless

Hey loves! So the Met Ball took place and the internet is floated with pictures from the red carpet again. There were many "ohhhhh yes"-es and of course the usual "what-the-hell-was-she-thinking." Metals, florals, sequins, feathers, capes, peplums, naked back, naked legs, lace and mirrors, even Santa Claus and queen of cakes - it was all there! Not to loose any time here are my most and least favorites teamed up!

Starting with the queens of course! The queen of fashion and a huge inspiration to me - Anna Wintour - is fabulous in a Schiaparelli inspired Prada, on the other hand, Florence Welch is trying too hard and (although I absolutely love McQueen) she looks like a cake topper, or the cake her self, still a queen... but the queen of cakes!

Anja Rubik and Kirsten Dunst seem to be channeling Angelina Jolie and Santa Claus respectively. Both poorly. I saw the Angelina, now I saw the Anja and looking at the second all I wanna do is give her a chocolate... or a cake! She should go talk to the queen of cakes! And Kirsten ... too bad she didn't bring presents on Christmas! It would be a nice change from a white-beard-old-man don't you think?

There's nothing more beautiful and elegant than black lace, right? Rooney Mara looks impeccable as always in Givenchy ... and Mark Jacobs ... Why Mark? Why?

Camilla Belle's and Renee Zelleweger's naked backs are way sexier than Anja Rubik's all-out-naked leg! Wearing Ralph Lauren and Pucci respectively. Just fabulous! No funny commentary.

Shiny knights, all three of them! There are sequins and capes going on and some weird had piece on Karolina Kurkova's head. It's all good before you get to it, but it can't all be  perfect, right? My-very-favorite Lana Del Rey ensembles a sexy, evil witch and may be I am prejudiced, but I am loving it! On her other side not so bad reborn Cleopatra! You go girls!

Lily Colins and Brit Marling both look like delicate, fragile princesses wearing Valentino dresses! Both impeccable! That's all I'm saying!

I just have no idea what to say about these two! Oscar de la Renta and Miu Miu in this order. Maybe I am not so fashion forward but I don't understand these! Help me out! Is it me or are just they just weird?

Emma Stone and Sarah Jessica Parker both look so stunning they're pleasing the designer's eyes! Lovely!

Victoria Justice and Rashida Jones both in florals, yet exact opposites! One bold and bright in McQ by Alexander McQueen and the other delicate and fragile wearing Tory Burch! Another proof you can never go wrong with florals!

Warrios in couture! Jessica Stam in Dior and  Sofia Vergana in Marchesa both look fashion forward and absolutely breathtaking! If fashion was a war they they'd be both on the winning side!

Lets not forget about the feather factor! I am sorry B, I love you, but this Givenchy just doesn't do anything good for you, only shortens your legs. Take Cate Blanchett's example! Her black McQueen is what a feathery dress should look like!

Posen the Great! Leslie Bibb and Nancy O'Dell or their stylists both made a perfect choice! Timeless elegance is always the key to immunity of negative fashion advice!

My favorite girls are both gorgeous! Rosie in a Burberry is the epitome of British style! Nina Dobrev (who has Bulgarian roots and I am very proud of) is shining like the star she really is in this beautiful Donna Karan gown!

Thirteen is a lucky number, so I am going to stop here. We have thirteen competing teams! Who's the best and the worst is up to you to decide!



These are very beautiful outfits and great pictures - thanks for sharing...!


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Sianna said…
Обожавам Нина (следя кариерата и от години, още преди да нашуми покрай вампирите xD) и да изглежда добре в роклята, но самата рокля на мен никак не ми харесва. Иии като цяло май съм най-впечатлена от роклята на Джесика Стам. Мненията ни се препокриват, но да спомена, че нещо не съм много впечатлена и развълнувана от изборите на тоалети като цяло тази година.
kirstyb said…
everyone looked amazing
Anonymous said…
Such amazing photos! The background is amazing & your outfits are perfect!!

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Lilli said…
so great style there was!! Kisses my dear!:*
- marii said…
love some looks, others are just a disaster!!
Ahka Vintage said…
I'm with you in not understanding the bow dress - it is absolutely hideous - what were they thinking?
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BB said…
My favorite is Rihanna plls check out my comments:)
Some of the ladies looked so stunning and some not so much.LOL

<3 Marina