May 31, 2012

The Wardrobe: Brights in the rain

Spring in my country has been cold and rainy lately. To boost my mood on a grey day I like to wear lots of brights and prints! This here is one of my go to outfits when I need more color and joy in my life! The cobalt blue, pink and florals always manage to make me feel more energetic and I stop paying that much attention to the raindrops and dark skies! Don't let the weather bring you down! After all we don't just act the way we feel, we also feel the way we act, so no matter the weather smile and happiness we course trough you!

May 30, 2012

Young talents: Denise J. Reytan

Hey loves! Today I decided to make a change in my designer spotlight and instead of talking about a designer you already know a lot of I will tell you about a young and talented jewelry designer that also deserves the attention. Her name is Denise Julia Reytan. Based in Berlin she's been creating jewelry, art pieces and installations for the last ten years. In her inspiring work she explores contrasts between materials, colors and values. Transforming precious into non-precious and vice versa is one of her biggest interests. The complicated shapes she creates using different materials and vibrant colors are beyond the borders of imagination! 

May 29, 2012

The Wardrobe: Trip down memory lane. MY PROM

Hey loves! It's prom season in Bulgaria and I got a little nostalgic thinking about the time I graduated from high school and the sweet preparations for this special day! It's been so long ago... well four years is not really that long but it seams like another lifetime. I still take very good care of my beautiful dress I am so proud of because it was entirely designed and created by me and my talented mom! Great times! I wish I had more occasions to get all dolled up and fabulous! Maybe someday I will! And even though prom comes ones you should feel like a princess every single day!

May 26, 2012

Milan, my love

Hey loves! I got back from Milan last night after two days in this spectacular and inspiring city! I walked around, ate delicious Italian food, went to the university I want to do my masters at and of course did a little bit of shopping! This is one of the cities I love most and here's how I saw it this time!

May 23, 2012

Berlin trough my phone. I love this city!

Hello, good morning! I had to wake up extra early today because I am flying to Milan! YAY! Even though I am going to be there just for two days, I am super excited to go to this inspiring city I love! I feel so blessed for being able to travel so much these two months! You wonder why two months? Well me and my family are going for a vacation in Budapest in June! "Eat Well, Travel Often" These trips most definitely bring new inspiration and refresh my point of view! I have to get going, but I am leaving you with some random photos I snapped during my weekend in Berlin! To see some more visit my Facebook page.

May 22, 2012

The first European blog conference: The Hive

Good morning! Well not such a good one for me and my country. There was a pretty strong earthquake during the night and the epicenter was really close to my home. Fortunately, there's  no major damage or people with serious injuries, but I must tell you it was so scary! I haven't gotten any sleep at all, but I am just glad everyone is fine! 

To brighten up I've decided to tell you about my much happier weekend! I've spent it in Berlin to attend the first ever European blog conference - The Hive! It was absolutely fantastic and very inspiring! The speakers were all successful bloggers sharing their experience with us! I've learned a lot and met so many enthusiastic, positive and energetic people. As one of the speakers - Gabrielle from Design mom said: "The energy was amazing!" I feel so refreshed now and have so many new ideas that I hope to realize very soon! 

Here are some pictures from The Hive. I didn't take any outfit photos, but I promise I am going to recreate the outfits I wore and share them with you!

May 21, 2012

Inspirational Quote: The good life

Hey loves! I just got back from Berlin last night! The two days I've spent there were absolutely amazing and I will tell you all about it as soon as go trough all the pictures! Maybe even tomorrow! Util then I'll live you with the best recipe for a good life!

Be happy! Be inspired! Be enthusiastic!


May 17, 2012

The Wardrobe: On a rainy note

Hey loves! I can't believe it's Thursday already! No matter the bad weather I am so excited to leave for Berlin tomorrow! As I already mentioned once I am going the attend The Hive, which is the first ever European blogger conference! I am so happy I can literally start jumping in place! My amazing parents gave me the opportunity to go there and I am so thankful for it! I should start packing already as for me it's a long process! I have my outfits planed out so it should make it easier! I actually made myself two of the dresses I am going to wear and I cannot wait for you to see it! Let me know if any of you is going to be there! 

I'm leaving you with an outfit post from a rainy day! I wasn't exactly annoyed when  I saw the raindrops on my  window because I finally got to wear my new Zara trench! Well it's not really new... I bought it last Fall, but shortly after the purchase the weather got really cold so this was the first time I wore it.

May 16, 2012

The Great Designers: Rachel Zoe

Hey loves! I believe everyone interested in fashion has heard about Rachel Zoe and knows who she is! One of the most influential faces in fashion today was raised in Short hills, New Jersey where her parents introduced her to the world of fashion and art at a very young age. After finishing her bachelor degree in psychology and sociology miss Zoe moved to New York to take on fashion! She started as a fashion assistant at a fashion magazine and within two years was promoted to senior fashion editor. This wasn't enough to satisfy the talented lady and she started working with celebrities to create their images and contributing to several fashion magazines.

After a decade in New York city Rachel decided to move to Los Angeles where she could merge the worlds of fasgion and movies, as she was a fan of the old Hollywood glamour since early childhood. Thanks to her love for the vintage style from the 1960's and 1970's her name soon became well-known among celebrities and high profile personalities. Not long after she moved she became famous for the unexpected red carpet looks she creates mixing prints, colors and avant-garde trends. Following her instincts and implementing her love and knowledge of haute couture Rachel Zoe soon became the go-to-stylist of the Hollywood elite. 

In October, 2007 her first book was released. "Style A to Zoe" highlights Zoe's insight and experience throughout her career  and encompasses everything glamour from home decor to jet setting and from entertainment to getting dressed. With this book Rachel made her style accessible to everyone. A year later, in September, 2008, "The Rachel Zoe Project" debuted on Bravo. The show airs in fifteen countries and documents everything from high profile photo shoots to exclusive events and parties.

Rachel's career as a designer started in 2006 with a collection of luxury handbags for Judith Lieber and in 2009 she launched her own collection of jewelry, bags, scarves, sunglasses and outwear exclusively sold on QVC. The success broke every record and now her brand is globally recognized for its vintage-inspired, sophisticated and sexy allure. The pieces she creates are meant for the modern woman who's got job to do, places to be at and wants to look fabulous at all times! 

These are my favorite pieces from the Spring 2012 collection! I would wear each and every single one!

May 15, 2012

New in The Wardrobe: Sunny Lovers

Hey loves! For the last few weeks I've been looking for the perfect colorful wedges to brighten up my days! I've tried at least 50 different pairs of shoes and finally I found them! They're not what I originally thought I'd buy but I just fell in love with them the moment I saw them at Zara! I cannot imagine a better mood boost in the morning than putting these babies on! 

By the way, I really wanted to take my own pictures for this post but for the last few days it won't stop raining and it's so dreary and dark that I couldn't get proper lighting, so I decided these are good enough. 

You can find similar pairs HERE, HERE & HERE

What do you think? Aren't these the sunniest summer shoes! 


May 14, 2012

Inspirational Quote: Dreams do come true

Happy Monday, loves! We all have dreams, some big and some even bigger!  Every minute of every day is a chance to take action, a chance to get a step closer, an inch higher, a chance to make your dreams become your life! Today ...


May 13, 2012

Shoot of the week: A rose down under

Hey loves! It's a beautiful and fresh Spring Sunday and I found the perfect shoot to share with you today! Colorful prints and bold structured shapes, sheer fabrics and lovely, romantic dresses... flowers in the background and perfect serenity... Annabella Barber enters a magical, dreamy garden of Spring delights, a sea of flowers in bloom and poses languidly for Jaclyn Adams' camera! A rose down under ...

Images via FashionGoneRogue 

Have a beautiful Sunday!


May 11, 2012

The Wardrobe: Not so classic Black&White

Happy Friday loves! I took these images on a weekend a while ago when the weather wasn't so warm yet and completely forgot about them, but I love the simplisity of this outfit and decided to share it with you today! Black and white is a timeless combination, you can never go wrong with and incorporation a classic men's shirt into your wardrobe is something you should most definitely try! It can be sexy, elegant or casual depending on how you style it! I ownt several by now and this one here is my favorite!

Cardigan and sunnies: from local stores / Shirt:  / Jeans: Mango / Belt: Reserved / Shoes: Vera Pelle

What are you doing this weekend? Have a great one!


May 10, 2012

The Met Gala red carpet - the good, the bad and the clueless

Hey loves! So the Met Ball took place and the internet is floated with pictures from the red carpet again. There were many "ohhhhh yes"-es and of course the usual "what-the-hell-was-she-thinking." Metals, florals, sequins, feathers, capes, peplums, naked back, naked legs, lace and mirrors, even Santa Claus and queen of cakes - it was all there! Not to loose any time here are my most and least favorites teamed up!

Starting with the queens of course! The queen of fashion and a huge inspiration to me - Anna Wintour - is fabulous in a Schiaparelli inspired Prada, on the other hand, Florence Welch is trying too hard and (although I absolutely love McQueen) she looks like a cake topper, or the cake her self, still a queen... but the queen of cakes!

Anja Rubik and Kirsten Dunst seem to be channeling Angelina Jolie and Santa Claus respectively. Both poorly. I saw the Angelina, now I saw the Anja and looking at the second all I wanna do is give her a chocolate... or a cake! She should go talk to the queen of cakes! And Kirsten ... too bad she didn't bring presents on Christmas! It would be a nice change from a white-beard-old-man don't you think?

There's nothing more beautiful and elegant than black lace, right? Rooney Mara looks impeccable as always in Givenchy ... and Mark Jacobs ... Why Mark? Why?

Camilla Belle's and Renee Zelleweger's naked backs are way sexier than Anja Rubik's all-out-naked leg! Wearing Ralph Lauren and Pucci respectively. Just fabulous! No funny commentary.

Shiny knights, all three of them! There are sequins and capes going on and some weird had piece on Karolina Kurkova's head. It's all good before you get to it, but it can't all be  perfect, right? My-very-favorite Lana Del Rey ensembles a sexy, evil witch and may be I am prejudiced, but I am loving it! On her other side not so bad reborn Cleopatra! You go girls!

Lily Colins and Brit Marling both look like delicate, fragile princesses wearing Valentino dresses! Both impeccable! That's all I'm saying!

I just have no idea what to say about these two! Oscar de la Renta and Miu Miu in this order. Maybe I am not so fashion forward but I don't understand these! Help me out! Is it me or are just they just weird?

Emma Stone and Sarah Jessica Parker both look so stunning they're pleasing the designer's eyes! Lovely!

Victoria Justice and Rashida Jones both in florals, yet exact opposites! One bold and bright in McQ by Alexander McQueen and the other delicate and fragile wearing Tory Burch! Another proof you can never go wrong with florals!

Warrios in couture! Jessica Stam in Dior and  Sofia Vergana in Marchesa both look fashion forward and absolutely breathtaking! If fashion was a war they they'd be both on the winning side!

Lets not forget about the feather factor! I am sorry B, I love you, but this Givenchy just doesn't do anything good for you, only shortens your legs. Take Cate Blanchett's example! Her black McQueen is what a feathery dress should look like!

Posen the Great! Leslie Bibb and Nancy O'Dell or their stylists both made a perfect choice! Timeless elegance is always the key to immunity of negative fashion advice!

My favorite girls are both gorgeous! Rosie in a Burberry is the epitome of British style! Nina Dobrev (who has Bulgarian roots and I am very proud of) is shining like the star she really is in this beautiful Donna Karan gown!

Thirteen is a lucky number, so I am going to stop here. We have thirteen competing teams! Who's the best and the worst is up to you to decide!


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