Shoot of the week: Black Charm

Black is elegant! Black is sexy! "The most beautiful girls wear black!" Angela Lindvall is most definitely on of the most beautiful girls wearing gorgeous, all black outfits and her smoldering attitude in front of Koray Birand's camera. She's a seductive, Black Charm!

Images via FashionGoneRogue



Anonymous said…
страхотна фотосесия... а обувките са убийствени...:D
Oh my Dior said…
amazing inspiration is so elegant!
love this style! beautiful post
Anonymous said…
gorgeous shoot!
i love all black looks!
your blog is absolutely inspiring!
following you now :)
would love if you checked out my blog sometime
Anonymous said…
I love the model's shoes and her see-through dress is quite sexy, plus her hair is pretty sleek too!

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