Easter diary Part I: The House

Hey loves! I am back from a very relaxing Easter weekend with my family! We went to a beautiful, forgotten village in the mountains and it was such a magical place! Only sixty people live there now and it's sad that most of the houses are abandoned and falling apart, but it's all part of the charm of the place in its own way. All I could see around me were the wild, untouched mountains and woods. Here are some snaps of the house where we stayed and in the next posts I will show you around the village!

Hope you had a magical weekend <3



Very beautiful pictures... looks great - thanks for sharing...!


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coco said…
perfect days :)
Lilli said…
Hello my dear, so beautiful images! The place sounds so relaxing, wanna be there!^^ You look so cute! Kisses and have a nice day!
Babe Jane said…
Very pretty location!
Corinne said…
Gorgeous! & that fireplace is magnificent! I went to a small town in Italy over the summer that also has a lot of abandoned houses & all that, but it really did add to its charm.
xx Corinne
Anonymous said…
Абе друго си е на село в България!^^ Прекрасно място!
Dσmιηιкα said…
Thank you for your comment! You have a great blog, and outfits, I love them all!
What a beautiful house! :)

♥, Dominika
Floortje said…
I really like your blog honey!
Keep posting!

Gillie said…
Wow these shots are gorgeous, that definitely looks like an enchanted place, what a beautiful getaway!

xo Gillie
Amanda Hall said…
Love those Tulip Magnolias! My absolute favorite blooming tree.
ijinku said…
oh my what a beautiful place..look at those flowers and gnomes..awwww ♥
Clara Turbay said…
Inspiring and great fashion concepts!