The Wardrobe: Define your style

Hey loves! May be you know that I love clothes that are very feminine and elegant, clothes that make a woman look stylish and timeless, clothes that are sensual without being overly revealing. The absolute epitomes of elegance and femininity are full or pencil skirts that hug the body, soft, lacy pieces and of course beautiful dresses! This is the reason I chose exactly this outfit to wear to a special, invites-only concert I went to last week. It's all I love about fashion and even more!  

Skirt: Made by me / Blouse: Reserved / Jacket: Vintage Geiger / Shoes: Vera Pelle / Purse: 5th Avenue / Earrings: H&M

What pieces best define your style?



Very nice outfit! You're beautiful!

All my pieces define my style!!! I choose them with a lot of attention.
you look so elegant and dramatic -- you definitely have the looks to pull this style off :)
S A R A H. said…
nice outfit. hot red lace.

SeaofGirasoles said…
i like the detailing of the skirt
Devil_kin said…
Наистина много елегантен тоалет.Много ми хареса, а полата е прекрасна
Sianna said…
Ау, Плами, много си хубава =))
Тъкмо тези дни гледах една дантела в нас и се чудех в какво може да я превърна xD
Andie Willows said…
this is really lovely skirt, plami! congrats on making it yourself! you look wonderful! love this lace top too!

xoxo, andie
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KATEFP said…
Gorgeous style dear! ;) would you like to follow each other on bloglovin? *.* kisses, KATEFP
KATEFP said…
Gorgeous style dear! ;) would you like to follow each other on bloglovin? *.* kisses, KATEFP
I really love this post.

Can u follow my blog?

I will follow you back.

so sophisticated and POSH! I like that you added that burgundy lace blouse with the look...really gives you that sultry, sassy look!

Anonymous said…
Много женствено... Страхотно е!^^
JanM ♥ said…
Love the color of your hair :)

This is what i call a perfect outfit! I love the whole ensable! trez chic!
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monica barcia said…
estas preciosa te sienta genial esta falda -tubo
Tony SHT. said…
Ахх, вълшебна си! Страхотна комбинация, а полата е уникален модел!
Eva said…
Супер пола, Плами! Поздравления, страхотна е станала, трябва да направиш DIY пост някой път.:))
I like your top!!!
Clara Turbay said…
lovely ideas and style.
UnA said…
Amazing top and skirt,
i Agree with you about the pencil skirt...