Beauty: Solutions Hydra Radiance by Avon Review

Hey loves! It's Friday morning and me and my family are about to take off for an Easter getaway in a lovely mountain village! Before that I want to share something with you! Last Friday I was lucky to be invited to an event organized by Avon to present the new face of the Solutions line - the inspiring and beautiful Ivet Lalova. She's a professional runner and right now she's preparing for the Olympic games! She's also the first Bulgarian woman on the cover a an Avon brochure. In person Ivet even more beautiful even than in the pictures! Listening to her say that no matter how hard she has to train and how hectic her schedule is, she always finds time to carefully take care of her skin because what you do might change but you're always going to wear this face, was a good reminder! 

I was lucky enough to receive her favorite Solutions line, which is the Hydra Radiance, the one in the orange packaging. Although I have a very sensitive and problematic skin I've decided to give it a try and I've been using it for a week now, exactly the way it's described in the instructions and let me say I love it! First of all, it smells absolutely delicious! When I pick my skin care products I always want them do smell good so I can indulge using them! My skin now feels soft and well hydrated. The line includes four products: cleansing gel, energizing toner, day cream and night cream. I am going to say a little bit about each one of them.

The cleansing gel is soft and very refreshing and most importantly it doesn't dry off my skin too much so it's good for everyday use. I've actually been using it every evening and again in the mornings and I have no problems what so ever.

Right after the cleansing gel I use the energizing toner. It's a great way to wake up my skin in the mornings and make sure that there's no make up left on my face in the evening. Most toners leave my skin feeling kind of stretched on my face and really dry, especially the ones containing alcohol. The Solutions one is absolutely perfect! It's definitely my favorite product from the line.

The day cream is not too heavy, but it's a bit too oily for my skin. But almost every cream is too oily for my skin. This is why I rarely change the products I use for my face. It's really great that it has SPF 15 so when I use it I don't need to apply another layer of sunscreen which is one more step to my already long enough morning routine. 

Last but not least, the night cream. To be honest I almost never use night creams because I wake up my skin feels oily instead of fresh and replenished. As I wanted to try something new on the blog and write this review for you I decided to give it a chance and ignore my bed experience with other similar products. I must say I was very surprised when I woke up in the morning and my skin didn't feel heavy or oily and when I looked in the mirror my face actually looked very fresh. This is probably the first night cream I actually like and intend to keep on using!

So overall the Solutions Hydra Radiance line is great and I love the way it works for my skin! I would recommend it to my friends and stand behind it. If you're looking for new skin care products appropriate for Spring and Summer definitely check these out!

Let me know whether you want me to do more beauty reviews or should I just stick to fashion? :)

Have a very beautiful weekend!


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coco said…
Happy Easter Plami !
Have a great time with your family!

Thanks for the review - I'd try out the line!

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Andie Willows said…
wish you happy easter! and happy celebrating! i love your fashion and beauty reviews. you rock!

xoxo, andie
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Cilla B said…
great review Dear
Very beautiful items and a great review - thanks for sharing!


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Anonymous said…
Днес ги видях в сайта на AVON. Изглеждат хубави :)
really great review, it looks really good:)

Am2Pm Chic said…
Such a great review, Plami. Thanks for sharing.
Sick by Trend said…
cool ones :)

Sweet darling. said…
My skin is so dryyy especially in winter .. maybe I should try this product out :D
Angela said…
I like Avon and all new products!!
Have a good day!!!
Angela Donava
so great ! :) your blog is nice dear
enjoy your sunday!
xx the cookies
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Anonymous said…
I've never used Avon skin care products only some lipsticks ages ago.

Cute blog and thanks for the comment
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Charlotte said…
sounds good! ♥