The Wardrobe: Winter Recap

Hey loves! It's the first day of astronomical Spring! So now it's official! The new season is finally here with it's warm sun, beautiful flowers and singing birds!  It's time to say goodbye to the winter, the cold, the warm and fuzzy sweaters and beautiful boots! To do it I decided to round up all of my winter outfits in this post!

Which one's your favorite? 



Miss fashionmix said…
Nice winter looks! So many bright colors! My favorite is with blue dress and blue hat!
Lilli said…
Finally springs starts!:D My fav look is the one with the orange handmade vest with the skirt, too cute!:) Kisses my dear!
Lucy said…
Love your winter looks!! =) XOXO
Wida said…
All of them are my favorite :)

Missing Amsie Blog
Dresscue said…
Great looks...

Here i have to say goodbye to the summer. =(
Well... said…
Okay...I honestly can't pick one....aha, they're just all so gorgeous! You have such wonderful style :)

Trendy Teal
All Outfits are very beautiful!very nice!!!!!!
so many great winter looks! My fave is the big striped top with the oversized red knit scarf, and the off the shoulder sweatshirt at the bottom of the page!

Karola said…
My fav are top left and bottom left, but I like them all! :D

Thank you for commenting on my blog! Hope you visit again soon! :)

Cymone said…
you had alot of great winter looks now i cant wait for your fall looks :)

Lynsey Michelle said…
Fun! I love collecting past images and looking at everything I have worn over the past several months.

Anonymous said…
You have a very sophisticated fashion sense; I guess you're my new fashion idol!
Lovely post. :)

Dana A. said…
Thank you so much for your comment. :) You're such a pretty fashionista. <3 Keep it up!
ZoĆ© said…
Nice recap !