Style inspiration: Ulyana Sergeenko

Hey loves! It's Wednesday and this normally is the day dedicated to the designer spotlight posts. Today I decided to take it even further and make it all about the woman who's my biggest style inspiration. She always looks feminine, sophisticated and romantic, like taken out of a classic Russian novel from the XIX-th century. She's a designer, a photographer, a freelance stylist and one of the most beautiful and stylish women in the world of fashion. She's Ulyana Sergeenko. 

Her passion for fashion appeared unexpectedly. Her parents are both philologists and she attended an English languages school, where it was obligatory to wear plain school uniforms. Ulyana never followed the norms and always found creative ways to wear her uniform, like for example the dress that was part of it  paired with pants. Throughout the years she never gave up her love for fashion and although she never could afford expensive brandy clothes the talented designer wore her own models and couture replicas. The first designer piece she ever bought was a Vintage couture Givenchy dress from the world's biggest antiques market - Saint Ouen. This piece is what formed her signature style - lavish cuts and feminine silhouettes. Ulyana believes that it's good to invest into pieces that someday will be in a museum, and I believe the ones she designs are exactly this!   

Images via Facebook
Who's your style icon?



Maria said…
She looks amazing , extraordinary style! xx
Dresscue said…
And WHAT inspiration!

She is... she is.... Amazing!!!!!!!!

Just perfect in everything.

So so so so feminine and SO elegant!

I have never seen her before... Thank you SO MUCH for the amazing pics...
coco said…
is amazing !!!!
Lilli said…
Great style dear!:) Big kiss!:*
burbujitabebe said…
wow!!! she is so cool!
i adore some of her stylish!!
Cilla B said…
She looks amazing which I could have all her collection of dresses
She has such bold style and I love the dramatic lengths and volume!

Chic 'n Cheap Living
Adi said…
oooh, vintage! that's the feminine stuff :)
anhesty said…
i'm totally loving your pics. great post!
so many lovely full skirts! I love the romantic and retro feel!

C├íti said…
I totally agree with you :) she's GORGEOUS and a big inspiration for me!
lucia m said…
wow! she's gorgeous!
Angela said…
Nice style!!! She is very pretty!!!
Angela Donava
I love her style! absolutely gorgeous
She is GORGEOUS!!! =)
Well... said…
Wow....just wow...she is stunning! That fashion inspiration she causes is fantastic. You just introduced me to my new favorite too! Haha :)

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Anonymous said…
She is a wonderful designer.