Shoot of the week: The Dreamer

If I could choose another times to live in it would most definitely be the sixties! Times of changes, of art and fashion! My outfits are often inspired by the beautiful, feminine style from the decade and this is exactly the reason I fell in love with this editorial! Penny Pickard is wearing looks inspired from the sixties for the latest of Fashion Quarterly New Zealand. The colorful prints and elegant, lady like silhouettes captured me. Shot by Steven Chee, The Dreamer is one of the most beautifully styled editorials I've seen lately!

Images via FashionGoneRogue

What's your favorite decade?



Kim said…
I love these pics, the clothes are lovely but I cant decide which I like best!
beautiful photographs! I also love 60s fashion. I would of loved to live in the 50s and 60s.
Maria said…
I agree! It's so good! xx
Dresscue said…
Really pretty!

My favorite decade it is the 50's, for sure.
Lilli said…
Mine is 70/80s!:D Hello dear, what a lovely post! Hope you are having a nice sunday! kisses!:*
Michelle Lee said…
so perfect!
GabrielÄ— said…
Nice, i like 60's :))

Maybe you want to follow each other? :)

Anonymous said…
The perfect style. :D
ijinku said…
I do like 60's style, but i'm in love with 80's culture and music! I'd go back to 80's with today's 80's inspired fashion. :)
Great photoshoot!
Anonymous said…
I'm TOTALLY in love with the 60s!!
The girls that time seemed so innocently beautiful, didn't they?
Beautiful post! :)

Hazel☺ said…
i'm so in love with photos! as if i was taken back in time and i time traveled :P i don't have any particular fave decade though :)

- hazel
Beauty Follower said…
Great shooting.
Love the place and the car!
Sara said…
What a shoot!! Truly glamorous!!

I love the 50's!:)


I love them all they're so beautiful!