The Wardrobe: Street Style Party

Hey loves! Last Friday I told you I was going to a really cool event organized by Elly from Mademoiselle E. and Emo from Art Fashion and Alcohol. It was so much fun! There was a photographer, make up artists and of course great music! Me, my cousin and my friends Sianna from Chocolate Sarcasm and Yana From Miss Vendella had really great time, so thank you everyone who made that happen! I hope I will get my hands on all of the pictures the photographer took of us and post them! It was a weird feeling having my make up done and then our pictures taken by a professional, but it I think I can get used to that! Although I should tell you it's so hard for me to trust someone with my make up. I was constantly asking everyone do I look OK before I could finally see my self in the mirror. :) And btw thanks to everyone who encouraged me to wear this dress, it was a hit! :)

I am off now because it's about time to decided what to wear for a boutique opening I am attending tonight! or else I will just go in pajamas... that would be new and unexpected :D Have a fabulous day!



Lilli said…
Hello my dear! I like your dress and how it suits on u! Great!:) Have a nice day!!! Kisses:**
looks like it was great event. Your blog is inspiring. Great post. I am following your blog pls visit mine, I hope you will follow back
ZoĆ© said…
Love the dress !

You looked gorgeous! And that dress is amazing on you. So glad that you had a great time. :) xoxo
Julie Lan said…
the sparkly dress is so pretty, I've been looking for one like that forever!
Dresscue said…
Amazing dress!!!! You were fantastic.
JanM ♥ said…
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JanM ♥ said…
Cute dress! :)
- marii said…
your new dress is so beautiful and it fits you wonderfully :)
I love your feminine dress -- you look so stylish and so beautiful!

Chelle said…
Cute! I love your fun dress and bangs. Gorgeous and looks like a great time! :)

Xo Chelle
Anonymous said…
you've got a great blog, keep it up!!

Elisa Ca. said…
Love the dress!!
Xxx Elisa
Well... said…
Oh wow, looks like so much fun! Haha, your makeup artist must've known what they were doing since you look amazing :)
Plus, that dress! What a striking piece! So glad you wore it haha

Trendy Teal
I remember when you got that dress! looks great on you. and what an awesome night...the photo booth looks like so much fun!

Great Outfit!
Modas_diva said…
OOhh I totally love your gorgeous outfit! Really nice! <3
You look stunning and the photos are so cool.

<3 Marina
Sevan said…
great dress, you look lovely and chic x

thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog dear :)