Google Friend Connect is closing down. Follow me via BlogLovin'

Hey loves! This is going to be a not fashion related post but what I want to tell you is actually quite important. To start with, yesterday I've reached the huge milestone of 700 followers and I want to say that I am thankful for each and every one of you! My readers are my inspiration and my drive to continue and it feels amazing to know that you're out there!

The bad news is that Google Friend Connect that we all use to follow each other is closing down for all blogs that don't belong to blogger. This will definitely affect all of us. So if you want to keep in touch with all of your favorite bloggers you can do two things: one is follow them on BlogLovin' and the second is to add them to the reader you use.

You can follow me on BlogLovin' HERE :)

If you want to read more about this click HERE or go to the official google blog.



andyheart said…
thanks for the follow! Ill find you on Bloglovin' :)
Mr J said…
Following on BL :D Thanks for visiting my blog. I love yours! :P
Also read about the problem with Google-FC and offering bloglovin to my users also. Already following your great blog with Bloglovin...

But you might also try to offer Google+ which is used by a lot of users and my user switch quickly to Google+

Good luck for your blog...

Tanja - or via Bloglovin
Lilli said…
Ah this is a shame! I'm so sorry, of couse I will keep to follow you as I like your blog!:) Have a nice day Plami! Kisses!:) xoxo
Ruth Arthasya said…
I am your new reader:)
But, unfortunately, I don't have any bloglovin acc, but I will stay tune to your blog, because your blog is comfy to read:)

Following you :)
Visit, comment, and follow my blog if you feel interested<3
followed... :)
do follow me back if you can. Google did very bad this time :(
Veronica said…
Sad. Will be following you on bloglovin'! Follow me back if you like ;)
xo Veronica
Congrats, sweetie!!! I will definitely follow you on Bloglovin :)

Happy almost Friday! xoxo
Brittany said…
girl, I know how you feel! it's so frustrating that they're doing this but I've got your back ;) following via bloglovin'
Veronica said…
Ok so I changed my blog website address which affected my bloglovin... and I had to "claim" my "new" blog... I just added you to my bloglovin! Please feel free to follow me back on bloglovin :D
Anonymous said…
thx! for your sweet comment in my blog! im following you in bloglovin! kisses from
Elke said…
It is really so bad that GFC stops. But I follow you via bloglovin. :)
Alice Barton said…
I am a blogger girl, but I must say that it's just not fain what they've decided to do!!!! Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way
oomph. said…
yes, this is a bummer...will find you on bloglovin.

Ok I am following you via bloglovin n.71. Hope that you'll follow me back!
Carly said…
I sad about Google Friend Connect...I am on blogger so I will be alright but so many blogs I follow will be hard to keep up with.

Following you on bloglvin.
Excited to dive into your past posts!
GlamorousMama said…
Lovley blog..

I'm your newest follower!!

GlamorousMama said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Imke said…
No they can't! I'm following you dear!

XO, Imke
sagalina said…
hi thanks for your sweet comment and for informing me about this!
please let me know if you want to follow each other :)
Fashionistable said…
What a silly thing to do when so many people rely on it. Xxxx
That's a shame! I like your blog! I'm a blogger too, it would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime :) :)
oh wth. thanks for the information though.
by the way, i made (kind of) magazine, Spark. so, please read (i'll be huge appreciate it). and i'm looking for contributor too. so, if you interested, email at ar mention @spark_zine.
here is the second issue,
thank you!
Well... said…
Man, why do they do these things?
I hate when websites change up their services (ie: Facebook). Ha!
Following you on Bloglovin now :)
Yes I definitely will!! I'm following you on bloglovin now - if you want to follow back, I'm at

So unfortunate about blogger! :(
Paris said…
Aww that's unfortunate. Thanks for the lovely comment on Glitterati and Glamour; I will follow you on BlogLovin and would love if you followed me through Google Friend Connect :)

Am2Pm Chic said…
Thanks for being such a sweetheart and your support means a lot for us. xx you are wonderful too!!
Leah said…
Aw thank-you so much - as is yours! :)