Shoot of the week: Style Transformer

Take Beegee Margenyte to the desert, put together some futuristic sleek looks featuring luxurious fur and sparkly sequins by Balenciaga, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, and Versace and you have a real-life sci-fi princess! Styled by Christian Graf and and shot by Tina Luther. Style Transformer!



Angela said…
J adore j adore ces photos!!!!!! Super style!!!!!!
Angela Donava
Liora said…
These are amazing photos! I especially like the 5th one.

alinareinisch said…
AMAZING blog! followed (; I'd really know to appreciate if you could check out mine and follow back if you enjoy reading (;
seriously..just waay TOO FIERCE! love this whole editorial!

this post is really insping and the make up of the model is wonderful!
Mandi said…
Amazing editorial. I love the casualness of the hair contrasted against the outfits. What amazing styling and photography. Love your blog!

xx Mandi
Kaye said…
They are all such beautiful photos!
We should follow each other :)
Oh these are just stunning!!! Thanks for sharing, love. Hope you're having a great weekend! xoxo
Am2Pm said…
Photos are amazing, it stunning beautiful !!

GIAA said…
By Sara Romero said…
All the sequined and sparkly pants and dresses are making me drool.

Leah said…
Wow, what a beautiful shoot! The colours are gorgeous.

xo L.
uuughh these pictures are just too stunninggg.
love the selection of pictures you chose.
follow eachother??
love, alex
lepinkbow said…
such stunning photos!! (:
Three Drifters said…
such great play with shapes and texture and movement! a piece of art.
Stylissimo said…
love some of the pieces she wears
NEF 'N NAT said…
man the styling is just SICK! x
Life's a shoe said…
wow these are fantastic photos! such wonderful inspirations
Julie said…
The last picture is so breathtaking - the colors, the scenery, the dress.
Veronica P. said…
fantastic editorial photos!
Bakey said…
Love these photos! and love the audrey hepburn look! :D follow me im new to blogging xx