Shoot of the week: Love Mood

On this Sunday morning I want to share with you the most beautiful spread I saw this week. It's so soft and sensual, so feminine and smoldering, it's just hypnotizing! The stunning Zuzana Gregorova is wearing breathtaking lingerie designs in front of David Bellemère's camera for Elle Russia February 2012. Falling in Love Mood!

Images via  NoirFacade
Have a lovely, relaxing Sunday!



mojomade said…
Oh wow that is absolutely stunning! Thank you for posting this! Gorgeous colours and tones in this shoot :) I randomly came over here after seeing your comment on Studs and Pearls - I just posted a little jewelry display DIY... Glad I came by!!

Anyways, much love all the way from Australia,

❤ Morgan xx
musician,fashion designer & blogger for
Style Sud-Est said…
This is a nice spread!
I do not know if i would see such spread here
Beautiful pics and the Lady is stunning

Thanks for your comment!

I am trying to join your blog but Google won't let me
I will try later
Sandra Leiva said…
Amazing pictures! <3
Beautiful pictures and great inspirations...

Tanja - or via Facebook-Page
- marii said…
love the shoot! :)
Elke said…
Nice pictures. Have a nice sunday! :)
Lidiya said…
The editorial is absolutely beautfiul <3
Mr J said…
Amazing photos
Biser Sable said…
Страхотна фотосесия!^^
Arden said…
This is incredible sexy!! xx
i love those pieces!!! very sexy!
love those pics
Fashion Blends said…
Thanks for visiting my blog - should we follow each other??
Clara Turbay said…
Every time is better visit your blog.
Gr8 blog :)....Wanna follow each other with GFC, Twitter and Facebook ?

JustPatience said…
Beautiful lingerie. The model's hair is flawless.
LINDA said…
This model is so beautiful! ♥

Linda from
Jessica Jersey said…
thats so hot!
Katie said…
Thanks for this post!
The pictures are Im from Rurssia,im proud to see so beautfil women in Russian magazines :P

Like your blog!

Kisses from Germany!
M said…
gorgeous!! so inspiring :)
Ali Rodriguez said…
Simply gorgeous photos!
Chi said…
great editorial :*
leyla. said…
this is really beautiful! the photography and the lingerie as well.

thanks for visiting!

warm wishes.
They're all stunning! What lovely lingerie and the photos are so alluring!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, sweetie :) xoxo
thekellytang said…
I adore sexy lingerie, so much fun!

<3 Kelly
Junah Cagang said…
so sexy :) nice post :)
Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

check out my blog and follow if you like:
Bonnie said…
Sexy, sexy! Rawrrrr. Love the pictures.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88
Such a great editorial. Love your blog!

Gillie said…
These are so so gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

xo gillie
Morbid Angel said…
amazing pictures. Love it!
iconoclasp said…
What a gorgeous and sexy photo set!! Amazing, I love the vintagey lingerie for sure :). I wish garter belts were still as common as they used to be!

Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog too! So much that I am following you on GFC and Blog Lovin as of 2 seconds ago :) I really hope you do the same so we can keep in touch! Can't wait to see new posts girl :)
Danielle Barbe said…
absolutely gorgeous! i love the vintage feel. if only i could look like THAT in lingerie! hah!!
erica marie said…
Stunning photos!

xo erica
Hanna said…
how awesome underwear !
UnicornBlog said…
Nice post!
Tanya said…
Very sexy!
Jennifer said…
Gorgeous pictures!

xo jennifer
Anya adores said…
Amazingly sexy stuff - just lovely,
So elegant. LOVE.

Tony SHT. said…
Толкова е чувствена и секси! Страхотна сесия :)
Lilli said…
Gorgeous images!:) xoxo
Aydan Mammadova said…
Amazing pictures!
my-fashion said…
nice pictures ♥