The Great Designers: Sarah Burton

Hey loves! It's the middle of the week and it's time for the designer spotlight! I am not going to say much today, I'm just gonna let the clothes do the talking.


Alexander McQueen was a genius! He was one and only and fashion will never be the same without him! But we should admit! Sarah Burton is doing a great job since she took over the label in May 2010. 

She's one of five children and was raised in Manchester. She moved to London to study Print Fashion at Central Saint Martins and graduated in 1997. While doing her studies on of her tutors was McQueen's friend Simon Martins, who suggested her for one year placement at the fashion house. 

 "At the time, McQueen was based in a tiny studio in Hoxton Square. At the interview I remember Lee asking me 'Do you believe in UFOs?' And Trino Verkade, Lee's commercial right-hand, asking if I could do denim production. I did not have a clue!" she said.

Burton joined the label in 1996 as an intern and came back after her graduation. In 2000 she was appointed head designer of womenswear and was Lee McQueen's right hand up until his tragic death in February 2010. After working aside the legendary designer for more than 14 years she has a deep understanding of his vision and values.

In September 2012 She presented her first womenswear collection in Paris. It still had the McQueen spirit and elements but she added her own more feminine aesthetic. The designer says she's learnt everything she knows from Lee McQueen. Here's what she said when appointed head designer of the label:

"I thought: 'How would I ever begin to begin?' Lee's mind was so different to anyone else's. I knew there was no way I could pretend to be him; but I had to ask myself, what did Lee work for? For all this just to close down? I thought about what I wanted. What was best for me. Like many women my age, I do want children, but I came to think that that's not a reason not to take up a challenge. In the end I just decided to get on with it: do my best."

What do you think of her job? Isn't every piece absolutely perfect? 



Sarah Stright said…
She really is doing an amazing job. It's got to be so intimidating to follow in the footsteps of McQueen.
Angela said…
Bonjour!!!! magnifiques robes!!! J adore!!!!
Angela Donava
Anonymous said…
моделите на роклите са много, много красиви!^^ цветовете им също!<3
IVA K. said…
wow great post :)
I'm totally speechless....what a phenomenal collection!!

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xoxo Kellz* said…
very inspirational babe great blog!
. said…
She's doing a great job for sure!

x Leila
Mandi said…
Absolutely perfect! The cinched waistlines and lines of the dresses and skirts that hug the body really emphasize the womanly figure. So flattering!

xx Mandi
They're all amazing and oh so gorgeous!! Great inspirations!

PS. Following you now doll. Feel free to follow back if you like. Loving your blog style.

<3 Marina
Orel Cohen said…
Such an inspiring post and blog! Love it!! <3
Always invited to my blog:)
Mia Rivel said…
Hello Lovely,

Just want to wish you an ever sparkling New Year. Love your blog btw =)

-Mia xoxo
Kristel Louisa said…
I always always love his work!


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Cristina Lupu said…
your blog is amazing!! especially this post!!!!great job!!
natalia said…
she is so fantastic, i agree!