The Great Designers: John Galliano vs. Bill Gaytten

The ones that have been reading my blog for a while may be know that John Galliano is my favorite designer! I just strongly believe he's a genius and he was not guilty of all charges, and even if he said anything he was drunk and he was provoked. Everyone that was there and all the people close to him agree he's not a racist, moreover right after the incident he went to a clinic, so he wanted to heal and get back on his feet.  I also think that after saving the Dior fashion house of financial crash and being loyal to it for over ten years he deserved a  much more respect and trust. My point with this post is not to defend the designer, neither to try to convince you I'm right. I just want to ask you one thing: do you like the Dior collections after Galliano was fired? Do you think they're really as good or the label is sinking and they need to find a good enough replacement (if one exists) as soon as possible?

Spring Couture 2011                                                                                               Spring Couture 2012
John Galliano                                                                                                                       Bill Gaytten

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So what do you think?

P.S. If by any chance you haven't heard about what has happened with Galliano and why he was fired you can read about it HERE, HEREHERE and HERE.



I think that Galliano creates far more elegant designs
I love the collors and the texture
he is genius and they should find a better replacement!
Anonymous said…
Тази колекция веднага ме влюби в себе си!<3 Материите, цветовете и моделите - перфектни са!<3
I think that Galliano's designs are definitely more fashion forward and unique, but that Gaytten produces more safe and wearable designs. I think they're both great, but I think I still prefer Galliano. :)
Pop Champagne said…
his designs are amazing but what he said which result in Dior firing him... yaaa that's another business lol. I do love these dresses!
lovely dresses

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NauticalWheeler said…
LOVE that long plum dress! Fabulous!!

From Brooklyn with love,

I feel like Galliano was able to bring more glamour and outlandish craziness into his design; yet regardless of what he came up with, it was still so quintessentially the child of Galliano and Dior.

Whilst Gaytten's design's are more of a throwback to classic Dior with that silhouette and rounded shoulder. His designs are very much Dior pre-Galliano.

Personally, I think they're both great at what they do, but they are both such different visionaries. The loss of Galliano does definitely hurt though :(
Julie said…
My vote goes to Galliano! That pink and blue cowl-necked piece - be still my heart!
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Tony SHT. said…
Много хубаво сравнение си направила, да се види на какво ниво е единия и на какво другия. Или просто да си проличи, че място за сравнение между двамата няма :D Не че Бил е лош дизайнер, просто на фона на Джон яко бледнее.
so great love all the dresses! so inspiring
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Leah said…
I will always be a Galliano fan, but Gaytten did a really beautiful Spring collection!

xo L.
Galliano absolutely. The man is a genius. But I have to say I loved Gaytten's Spring collection. xoxo
Haute Eyes said…
Ahh!! I love all of these! I cant decide which I like best! Awesome post!! Follow me via bloglovin, twitter and facebook if you hacent already! Much love!

I can't decide, I like them both.

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Amanda Park said…
i'm more of a galliano fan

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Nazlı B said…
amazing ! ! !

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Angela said…
Les photos sont tres chics!!!
Angela Donava
Galliano is unique!! amazing collection!
Amazing pictures what a great comparison. I love the picture that has the top half as dogtooth.. Amazing.
Even though my image of Galliano the man has been visibly tainted, my awe and respect for him as a visionary designer remains rooted.
I mean - hello both collections are gorgeous! But I do have to say Galliano is a genius, maybe not the smartest when it comes to some things but when it comes to design - it's beautiful art.

Red Soles and Red Wine
Anonymous said…
Gotta go with Galliano on this one. Bill Gaytten's dresses are obviously gorgeous, however, Galliano has a certain something that is difficult to replicate.
Both collections are amazing & dramatic....lovely!
Am2Pm said…
Amazing, I think I would do anything just to own one of it :)), lovely post, dear.
Heather Fonseca said…
I can't imagine being the person to try to come after Galliano. That's a hard act to follow. Personally I feel the new designer's work is very attractive, and he's probably trying to express his own look rather than try to copy Galliano, which is impossible anyway!

Galliano is a genius and I really hope those two harridans who harassed him get some really bad karma coming their way. As for Dior, maybe they'll get some bad karma too.

I think the only person who could take over after Galliano is Lacroix. I guess we'll see!
Lydia said…
Galliano's pieces seem so much more artful and creative. It's a shame what happened, because it's such a waste of talent.
Jade Briony said…
i love Galliano but I think Bill Gaytten wins this one.

thanks for the comment
Galliano is fresh, elegant, smooth with his designs. He has that special touch, I'd say the touch of Midas, everything is golden with him!
He's one of a kind, definitely.

By the way, you have such a great blog and it's my first time here, I'm following :) Love it!
Jess said…
Galliano is obviously a very talented man, and his designs have always been truly beautiful and original. But I can't see any excuse for the vile things he said - no matter how drunk and miserable you are, if you're a decent human being then things like "People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f****** gassed" and "I love Hitler" would NEVER escape your mouth! I think this is a very interesting post, as there are a lot of complex issues around the Galliano thing, and the way people respond differently is interesting. thanks for posting this! x
Anonymous said…
I love both of them...but I still have a slight preference for Galliano :)