May 31, 2011

The Wardrobe: Tutu. Feathers. And a pop of color.

Happy Tuesday! Today I've been doing nothing all day long and I feel so calm and relaxed... Don't you just love such days when you can see a nice movie, eat ice cream for breakfast and have a long hot shower... A day entirely dedicated to yourself! Every girl deserves one at least from time to time... :)

This is what I wore for a late afternoon walk last Saturday. I love how fun the outfit is! The tutu skirt goes perfectly with the ballerinas (both from H&M).The feathers add even more fun to the outfit... I had to think before I bought them but now I really, really love them! H&M  so well :D And... Last but not least the clutch and the glasses are Primark and I fell in love as soon as I saw them! So, what better way to spend a Saturday? :)

Have a great day everyone!


May 30, 2011

Inspirational Quote: How to Be Happy

Hey, hey! I am back!!! How have you been? I am so sorry for my blogger negligence, the end of the semester is tough sometimes... I missed blogging so much and now I can finally do what I love! To kick it off I chose an anonymous quote that I find really wise and has been my screen saver for a while now!

Don't let anything get you down! Things are never absolutely perfect but it's up to you and no one else to choose to be happy, to look beyond the imperfections and smile! Life's a treasure you should appreciate! There's so much beauty around us, so many reasons to shine every day! As I read somewhere "Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That's why it's called the Present!"

Here's a song that always makes me smile!

Have a happy, fabulous week!


May 9, 2011

Inspirational Quote: Marilyn Monroe

It's Monday evening and I just remembered about the Monday inspiration quote! With all the exams coming up and a trip to Amsterdam for a few days I am quite busy and distracted. Sorry For being kind of a bad blogger lately but I guess you all know how it is in the end of the term... Anyways, I won't complain anymore :) Here's the quote I decided to share!

The inspirational words come from Miss Marilyn again. She's such an icon! Follow her advice because if not else, she was most definitely successful! Be brave, be tough, and don't ever give up! Find out what you are great at and do it with love! But most importantly believe in yourself because no matter how bad things seem sometimes you can always succeed! It takes courage and work but you can do it! I am sure! You should be to!

Have a great week!


May 7, 2011

Sneak Peak in my Wardrobe: Man Shirt

Sorry for not posting a single outfit this week but so many exciting things happened... The Prince got married... and then the Met Ball took place. It was all so beautiful!

Here's an outfit finally! I was inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany's and Sex and the City for this simple and chick outfit. I really like it, I hope you do too.

I am wearing a plain white Italian shirt, Bulgarian white wedges and black leggings. What do you think? Do you like it as much as I do?

Here's a song I listen to all the time!!! I love it so much!

I hope you're having a great weekend!


May 6, 2011

Fashion as Big Business: Luxury brands and Empires. The Crisises.

Last Friday I started talking about the luxury brands and empires. How they were founded and developed. By the 2000 the market was at its peak and the brands had no problems at all, they all reported profit increases. However in 2001, after the 9/11 , the conditions suddenly changed and the sales within the luxury goods market began to decrease as a result of the unsteady stock exchange, layoffs on Wall Street and bonus cuts.

The conglomerates suffered a severe drop in profits and the brands started costing millions to ensure survival. Probably the main reason for the massive downturn of the luxury goods market after the 9/11 is that 30% of it was dependent on the Japanese tourism. The visitors stopped flying to the US in the wake of the attacks because of fears over the security situation.  In the new situation the brands needed to find some directions.

For the Gucci group it was hard to compete in the harsher economic conditions and with the its desirable portfolio lost its autonomy in 2004 to the French holding company PPR (Pinault-Printemps-Redoute). Changes were made quickly. Tom Ford was out, young designers with fresh ideas were in, and the acquisition of Puma opened up a new market share in a sector with huge growth potential. 
The credit crisis that began in 2008 also had a huge negative impact on the fashion industry. It was the worst economic meltdown since the World War II and international financial institutions like Lehman Brothers and AIG collapsed, and the luxury brands Christian Lacroix and Escada filled for bankruptcy. The volatile economic climate has also claimed homes and jobs, feeding insecurity on a daily basis.

In order to remain competitive the big conglomerates and independent fashion brands needed to reevaluate their business strategies. The chairman of LVMH, Bernard Arnault, suggested that the luxury goods industry rebrand itself. He said that the word "luxury" implied triviality and showing off and the time for that was gone. By contrast, LVMH always emphasized quality, innovation, and creativity. 

The new economic climate has changed the consumers and made them more discerning. They started buying products considered to be more of an "investment" for the long term that are distinctive and classic.

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May 5, 2011

The Met Ball

The Met Ball. The Oscars of the East Coast. The only red carpet that's reliably fashionable. One of the biggest events in fashion. You probably have already seen tons of pictures from last Monday and  know by heart the guest list but I just cannot help myself. There were so many so many stunning outfits I just have to make a post about it. 

The theme this year was "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" and so many of the guests honored the designer by wearing a mix of archived punk rock looks or creations by the talented Sarah Burton, who won the Busiest Dressmaker in the World award for a reason. 

I am quite tempted to post pictures of every single outfit but I guess that would an overload, so I will try to stick to my favorites.

To start with I present to you The McQueen outfits!





...and some more beauty...

The Queen Anna Wintour in a sequined Chanel couture gown. Angela Lindvall with Karlie Kloss, both in breathtaking Christian Dior

 Ashley Olsen wearing vintage Christian Dior couture and her sister Mary-Kate in vintage Givenchy couture. Aren't they both stunning?

 Two sisters again. Dakota and Elle Fanning both wearing gorgeous Valentino outfits.

Blake Lively and Janelle Monae both very classy in Chanel.

 One of my Favorite Doutzen Kroes wearing a breathtaking red gown by the great Giambattista Valli.

 Aren't these two real eye-candies? Eva Mendes in Stella McCartney and Isabel Lucas in Louis Vuitton.

I love the soft angelic colors of Florence Welch's Yves Saint Laurent gown and the class of Jennifer Hudson's Vera Wang outfit.

 Jessica Stam in a blushed Tommy Hilfiger creation and the angelic Miranda Kerr in Marchesa.

Last but not least Penelope Cruz in a timeless black Oscar de la Renta gown and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing Burberry.

Did I overdo it? Maybe. But there was so much beauty at the Ball. These are not even all the outfits I loved ...  So, which one's your favorite?


May 4, 2011

The Great Designers: Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga

His entire life is dedicated to fashion. This talented man won his first placements while still at school. At the age of 19, he became an assistant designer to Gaultier and then Mugler, before a brief tenure as head designer at Trussardi. But his greatest achievement was definitely the revival of Balenciaga. Nicolas Ghesquière was appointed creative director of the fashion house in 1997 after the departure of Josuphus Thimister.

His green silk crop combat pants for S/S 2002 were the most copied garment of the season and the Neoprene mini skirts and dresses for S/S 2003 kept Balenciaga on the edge, creatively and commercially. Gormer Gucci CEO Domenico De Sole has said "Balenciaga has one fantastic asset. He's called  Nicolas Ghesquière."

This innovative designer cannot define what he does and doesn't really do, but he says it's all done to be open so people can interpret it in their own ways. His new work is always because of the previous collection, not a reaction against it, always trying to find a surprising way to go, but beneath that Nicolas Ghesquièrewants to try to say the same things.

This man never really wanted to be famous, it's not his intention. As an 80's child Mr. Ghesquièreis naturally inspired by this decade and believes that in fashion you always have to use the same thing, but you must find a new way to tell it. The designer doesn't think of a particular person while working, for him every girl who puts on Balenciaga is a muse. 

Nicolas Ghesquière is very respectful of Balenciaga because it is a house of incredible and rich history, which means he can work with a lot of freedom. He's amazed by the creativity of the founder of the fashion house, Christobal Balenciaga, and by he's inventions.

The most important lesson the great designer I am talking about ever learned is that if you want to be happy you have to keep yourself a little hidden. 

"  For me it's about evolution, not revolution."  ~ Nicolas Ghesquière 

Here are my favorite pieces from the Spring 2011 RTW collection, but this time I decided to do something I little bit different and concentrate on the details:

To see the complete collection click here.
And If you are interested in the latest and very beautiful Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection it is here.
P.S. Sorry for not replying to your lovely comments right away but exams have started and I will be quite busy for sometime. I will try to do my best to post and comment as much as possible.

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Have a great day! A post on the Met Ball will be up tomorrow so stay tuned.


May 3, 2011

StyleMePosh! New Online Boutique and a Personal Stylist

Today I want to share with you a fabulous online boutique I discovered  recently. is the completed dream of two talented sisters that have real passion for fashion and love for styling. The lovely founders don't just do their own selection and styling for the boutique, they also do the photography and editing in order to be as involved as possible.

This is not just an online boutique where you can find the latest affordable trends and styles in clothing and accessories. This is your own personal stylist! I'll explain, under "POSH ME" you can see styling ideas for every single offered piece. You can use it as an inspiration gallery and or shop by outfit. What I love most is that all the pieces are created by up and coming designers from LA, NY and London and by shopping we can help some really talented people join the fabulous world of fashion.

I fell in love with most of the pieces so you should definitely check it out! My surprise for you today is a code that gives you free shipping + 10% off all the prices! You should just type PLAMI-10. Now go to and do some delightful shopping! Let me know how much you loved it... because it's impossible not to! :)


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