The Wardrobe: Have a great year!

Hey loves! Are you ready to celebrate the arrival of the new year! I am so ready for 2012 and I am hopeful good things are coming! It is going to be an exciting year for me as I'm finishing my bachelor and my life's going to change a lot!

The thought that this is my last outfit post for  2012 is weird! My blog grew so much this year and I am so thankful for all of you who read it! It really means the world!

I am wearing my favorite Adilisk oversized sweater dress. I just love red so much I wear it all the time! Under it is a Fishbone top customized with the lace! I got the idea from a Mango blouse that I thought I could easily replicate. The hat is vintage and I just think it's so cute and warm! These are my most comfortable boots and I don't even remember where I bought them! Last but not least, you've seen my H&M golden cuff so many times! I cannot get enough of it!

Have a great party! And don't forget - the best is yet to come!



Sianna said…
Пламиии, много ти е хубава роклята! А шапката изглежда толкова мека и топла!
MIRIAM said…
Particular look dear! I like it! :-)
Maybe you’ll have time to visit my blog :)

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Tony SHT. said…
Весело посрещане на новата година и на теб! Страхотна шапка :)
nice. x

p.s. I'm having a giveaway from fox house if you'd like to check it out. :)
purpleheiress said…
..,hi lovely thanks for the comment! (^_^)I'm now following you! =)
POONG said…
I love red color ;) what a good color;) I love your look
Ivanina said…
Супер сладка :-)
Lily said…
I agree with you the best is yet to come! Happy New Year!!!

Gorgeous sweater! I love red!

Lily @
The sweater dress paired with the leggings is too cute! Hope you had a very merry Christmas & have a wonderful new year. Take care!
✿Cathie✿ said…
Look at you! So cute and festive. :)

Hope you had a great Christmas, and Happy New Year to you!!! ♥
Jessica said…
Happy New Year! I love this. Red's my favorite color, and that lace detail is awesome. :)

xx Jessica