The Wardrobe: Classic elegance

Hey loves! Sometimes I really feel like going for classic lines and colors, sometimes I really feel like wearing timelessly elegant outfits just like this one!

I'm wearing my new favorite XDYE pants the look so elegant and go with everything and a white French Connection sweater. The coat was a gift so I am not sure about the brand but I absolutely love the military vibe it has without being too overpowering or manly. I got this hat in a boutique for thrifted designer clothing. The moment I saw it I just hat to get it! It's just so perfect and adds a fun pop of color to every outfit. You've already seen my high heeled oxford shoes. The purse is from 5th Avenue and the necklace is Swarovski

And here's a picture with my dad who just loves to be featured! :)

And I know that this post is quite long already but this is really important! Google are canceling Google Friend Connect for all non blogger websites since March 2012, it's not clear yet what's going to happen with  the blogger followers so please follow me via Bloglovin just in case if you want to keep track of my blog! (source: IFB)

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your hat is really nice! :)
TheMadTwins said…
Your hat is sooo amazing Ö

Anonymous said…
леле, много си сладка!<3
jessica said…
very classy - love the hat!
boyishchic said…
That hat is AMAZING!
xx. Jillian
Devil_kin said…
Влюбих се в това палтенце .Страхотно е:)Наистина много елегантен тоалет,а шапката дава нужният цветен акцент :))
You look gorgeous in that red hat! Take care.
cute outfit! love your red hat :) xx
Amber said…
Chic outfit! I really love that coat!
Clara Turbay said…
it´s so cool this blog!
Ivanina said…
Много ми харесва тази цветова комбинация! Страхотен аутфит! :)
Martiniss said…
You look sooo cool!
CheckMyFashion said…
Awesome outfit, we are curious to your whole wardrobe



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trendydreams said…
Thank you very much for your comment in my blog,:D. I love your look!! beautiful^^