My Christmas Playlist

I love the exciting feeling on Christmas eve, when you can already feel the magic in the air! Right now I'm spending quality time with my family, watching the snow outside while sitting next to the warm and cozy fireplace, eating gingerbread cookies and having warm wine ... And here's what's on my playlist today:

What is your favorite Christmas song?



Tony SHT said…
Супер лист! Моят фаворит за винаги ще си остане Let it snow, има най-голям шанс да сътвори коледно настроение, поне при мен :) Весели празници! :)
Devil_kin said…
Wham - Last christmas,макар че тя май е по-любовна :))От тук посочените Frank Sinatra - let it snow :)
Sianna said…
Коледна музика <3333
Моите любими - Let it snow, Last Christmas, Shake up Christmas.
Amanda Nguyen said…
yaaay such a great Christmas playlist!! definitely got me even more into the Christmas spirit!! my all time fave is Jingle Bell Rock!

Sunny & Star said…
Merry Christmas! We hope you have a great weekend.
Anonymous said…
Весела Коледа!^^ Желая ти много радости, здраве, щастие и успехи!^^
Sandra said…
Franc Sinatra es sin duda el espiritu navideño en voz... pero santa baby es tan sensual! me encanta esa

besitos desde
Kionon said…
Merry Christmas!
El said…
Merry Christmas, honey! :)

Liíh said…
I hope you had an amazing Christmas!

MIRIAM said…
Merry Christmas to you, sweetie!

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LINDA said…
Very cool!

Merry Christmas!

Linda from
Anonymous said…
Love these songs!! Christmas music is my favorite. Like, when someone asks me about what kind of music I like, it's Christmas. Year. Round. Love love love it. ;p