Christmas DIY project

Happy Friday, loves! As many of you have probably noticed my mom is really talented and crafty. Last year she made really lovely and warm Christmas trees to decorate the apartment and just today remembered that she took a few pictures while working on them. As Christmas is behind the corner and it's time to use our fantasy and decorate I decided to share with you my mom's creative, cozy and beautiful DIY project!

What you need is 5 millimeters thick green felt, corrugated, acrylic paints, wooden beads, thin hemp thread, thick needle or an awl.

For the Christmas trees you cut as many triangles you want to use out of the green felt and and make the stump of the corrugated, painting it a little with an acrylic pain so it will look like wood. Then you sew the details together using the hemp and instead of hiding the ends you can make a little bows so your little Christmas tree will look even more natural and pretty! 

For the decoration you just paint the wooden beads in different colors you like. You can make the tone uneven so one will be able to see the wooden base under the color! This way it will look even more eco-friendly. After the beads dry out you just thread them on the hemp and decorate the trees!

So in just a few easy steps you have this lovely decoration for you home or your gifts!

Have you already decorated? :)



Sarah said…
The DIY project is so inspiring, I will try and have a go but I don't think they will turn as good as yours!

very cute christmas tree!
LiĆ­h said…
I love it, is sooo cute!

Anonymous said…
such an adorable DIY! We've put our wreath up... that's about it though lol!
Amanda Nguyen said…
totally adorable Christmas DIY project!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Martiniss said…
They're cute! Mine Chistmas DIY project was about Christmas cards, but maybe I'll do also those... ;)

2Gitanas said…
awww those are really cute Plami! I could almost hear your sweet voice explaining the steps! jaja
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This is so lovely, sweetie! Makes me want to decorate some more. Maybe I'll carve some time out tomorrow :)

Hope you're enjoying the weekend! xoxo
Anonymous said…
The Christmas tree is so cute!
Great post!