My favorite Fashion Documentaries

Happy Friday loves! We're hours away from the weekend and I have a very special post for you today! My favorite thing to do on a cold-almost-winter-weekend is watching movies in bed, so I decided to share my favorite fashion documentaries that really inspired me and my love for the fashion world! 

Behind the scenes of the biggest September issue in the history of Vogue. You can see the way Anna Wintour rules her fashion empire and how much she has achieved thanks to her great discipline and ambition. Her huge influence is obvious, there's one queen in this world and it's definitely Anna!

Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham is not just the very first street style photographer, he's the most inspiring person. You can see his love for fashion and for what he does in his eyes, you can feel it! Bill Cunningham is a person who dedicated his entire life to fashion and does not regret it even for a single minute!


Valentino: The Last Emperor

The story of Valentino, the emperor of Haute Couture! Watching this gives you the opportunity to peek in his world and see how fragile he really is!  

The passionate eye: The secret world of Haute Couture

A short documentary that lets you in the world of high fashion, the runways, the secret buyers, the process of making a single dress. Pure Magic! 

If you know any other great fashion documentaries please let me know, I'd love to see them! 

Have a great weekend! 



ATW said…
you need to see the film about karl lagerfeld. it's called "lagerfeld confidential"!

...and when talking about karl, i invite you to take a look at the current competition i'm participating at! i'd be more than happy if you would support karl, anna and me! ;)

xxx love
Pop Champagne said…
the valentino movie is quite good, I rented it and watched it a few months ago, and him and his partner are hilarious too!
Tony SHT said…
Прекрасна селекция! От всички съм гледала единствено The september Issue, но съм чувала за другите, че да доста добри. Бих ти била много благодарна ако споделиш къде мога да им хвърля поглед :)
Иначе препоръчвам Signe' Chanel, както и двата за Коко Шанел, които излязоха наскоро - Coco avant Chanel и Coco and Igor...но съм почти сигурна, че си ги гледала :)
lolita said…
awesome post cant wait to watch those now :) x
Mitha Komala said…
i love the valentino video, amazing indeed! great post dear <3
NaNa said…
I've always wanted to see The September Issue, but wow after watching the trailer, it has just fuelled my desire to watch it even more. Definitely gonna check it out soon!

nice blog. i love the pictures in your previous post. <3
thanks for visiting my blog :)

megan said…
i love dthe design of your blog !♥
Amanda Nguyen said…
I still need to see the Passionate Eye!!

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Anna said…
I havent seen any of them so loved all the tips as I also love watching movies on the weekend in bed or on the couch when the weather calls for it ... will have to start watching some of your suggested movies :)

Anna xo
Brittany said…
Sweet! I have not seen the Valentino one but the September Issue and Bill Cunningham's documentary were amazing, absolutely loved them! I hope you had a great weekend dear!
Tiffany said…
this was already mentioned, but you should definately watch Lagerfeld Confidential!
klepi said…
OMG i have to see the september issue and about Bill cunningham!!!! great thanks for tips!! ♥ and thanks for comment
Stella said…
Valentino's documentary is amazing!
what an amazing documentary and it reflects the reality of designers... !

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