Inspirational Quote: Nelson Mandela

Happy Monday! In the beginning of a new week everyone needs a bit of inspiration to get us going! What I want to tell you today is not to settle down for less than you deserve and most importantly for less than you can achieve, because ...

And what is life without the passion and thrill ...

Have a great, successful week!



Federica P. said…
no words ...Only Great Nelson Mandela....

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Great quote. Completely agree! <3<3
V. said…
love the quote!!
everybody should remember it!

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Great quote!! Thx for stopping by my blog!!

Anonymous said…
Thanks for your lovely comment! : )
I love Nelson Madela quotes ... And this quote is just so inspiring.

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Arden said…
Perfect for me to read today. Thanks for sharing! xx
Anonymous said…
Great inspiration!

I needed this inspiration today... thank you! Thinking about life decisions it's true that you have to remind yourself this...

Nef 'n Nat said…
absolutely agree <3

you and Nelson just got me inspired!
grace h said…
thanks for these quotes. love it~

Kirsten said…
I completely agree. Thanks for sharing this one :)
AB FAB Team said…
fabulous quote...
LOVE this quote! I think people really need to hear and understand this. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth
Kasidy said…
What a great quote! Thanks so much for your lovely blog comment, I hope you'll visit again soon!
Catching up finally on my fav blogs! Great Monday quote and love the hat/cardigan outfit Plami.

Red Soles and Red Wine
Mai said…
agree with that !

CMPang x
Anonymous said…
love this quote :)
Xox <3 An
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Miss B said…
Brilliant quote, thankyou for sharing!

Thankyou for commenting on my blog! I am now a follower and have added your link to my blog list!

Have a nice day :)
Ale e Elis said…
Love the quote, just perfect to start a new week!!!

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