Inspirational Quote: Imagination

Happy Monday, loves! The quote I want to share with you today inspired me so much and I believe it's the perfect beginning of a new week! Sometimes dreams seam impossible to achieve, sometimes it's scary not to loose them, not to be disappointed. But despite all that be brave enough to let your imagination fly because...

Have an amazing week <3



Federica P. said…
Assolutamente concordo!!!! L'immaginazione è libertà!

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Francesca Elle said…
Thank you for your comment! i agree with this post ;))))

whit love

Francis Elle
Fashionistable said…
Yep the power of the mind is everything. Nice start to the week. Thank You. Xxxx
Hilary Nicole said…
Oh, Albert. He was such an amazing human-being. He is definitely on my list of people to meet if they were still alive. Have a wonderful day!

XX Hilary
CILLA B said…
Definately agree
Clara Turbay said…
Such a great post.
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Amuna said…
Thank you so much for your comment.. That's so nice to say!!
Great blog :)

♥ Amuna
Katrina said…
Great quote, thanks for sharing. I have just browsed your blog, it's amazing! I like your outfit posts.

Thanks so much for a lovely comment.

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Gazelle said…
happy monday ! watch my blog
MARIA B. said…
hi! thx for comment!
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I also like inspirational phrases, and this one is perfect.

Thanks for you lovely comment and
have an amazing beginning of the week too!

regards :D
Anonymous said…
Love this!! Have a great week :) zx
Amanda Nguyen said…
great quote! and I totally agree!!

Fashion Bible said…
Great quote, I've heard it before but it doesn't expire!
✝ Fashion Bible ✝
beautiful quote, thank you for sharing!

CheckMyFashion said…
Imagination!Spot on!!

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That is a really great post. I’m so glad I found it.

Maria B