The Great Designers: Jil Sander

Jil Sander is a name associated with pure fashion and clean lines. The German-born designer is famous for the development and use of high-tech, yet extremely luxurious fabrics and rigorously considered proportions, which gained her loyal customers among the sophisticated working women who value graceful, clean and elegant lines, instead of the obvious sex appeal. 

Jil Sander launched her first collection in 1973 and opened her first store in Hamburg, at the age of 24. In her women's clothing she used fabrics typical for menswear, demonstrating androgynous aesthetic that became her signature. The designer says that her "ideas are transported trough the strict aesthetic proportional relationship of form, material and color." She believes that in fashion with every step you ultimate goal changes a little and this is the drive to continue, because if you achieve it, if you create the ultimate collection than it is all over. According to this inspiring woman you cannot produce beauty just for itself, it's created when all the parts are in a relationship to each other and is also connected with the dignity of the wearer, because both the ethics and the aesthetics are important for beauty.

The history of the company is very dynamic and interesting. In 1999 the Prada Group acquired a majority holding and the following year Sander left her own company. Milan Vukmirovic was appointed at the position of creative director of  both men's and women's collection in November 2000. However, in 2003 Jil Sander returned to the company she founded for three seasons , but in November 2004 she exited the brand and the Prada group once again. The team of studio designers took over until May 2005 when Raf Simons was announced to be the new artistic director of the brand.    

Today I decided to do something different and instead of showing you images of the Fall 2011 runway I'm gonna let the people who were there talk about it! Let me know whether you want to see more videos like this or you prefer pictures? :)

"It is a good thing to stay true to your original impulse."
 ~ Jil Sander



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As someone who is studying business and hopes to be in the fashion/beauty industry I personally love this post! I love looking for inspiring people such as herself to look up too!
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Jil Sander is definitely an inspirational woman, and her brand is one of luxury. Her pieces are always ones to look forward to!

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