The Great Designers: Anna Molinari for Blumarine

"Anna Molinari’s world is one of seduction and charm, great vitality and a spontaneous sense of fun. Her nickname sums her up perfectly: the queen of roses, on account of her fondness for these magical and sensual flowers which represent the image of the Blumarine label and symbolically embody its ideal of femininity." 

Anna Molinari was born in Capri, Italy in the 50's. Her muse and teacher was her mother. She was the person who was teaching her stitching techniques and inspired her love for making clothes. In 1977 Anna Molinari and her husband Gianpaolo Tarabini established the Blumarine label. Meanwhile the designer also opened a house that was producing knitwear, a selection of which remains in her collections in the form of sweater girl shapes, sometimes trimmed with diamante. The edgy and romantic style that characterizes Anna Molinari's work was developed later when with the help of the Italian designer Moschino she started designing other garments. She takes the clothes off the street, takes them into the realm of designer clothing and creates the most feminine and sexy pieces.

Here are my favorite pieces from the Fall 2011 RTW collection! They are the epitome of femininity and elegance. I would wear every single piece only if I had the chance! To see the entire collection click HERE and for the Spring 2012 RTW - HERE.



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This is such a feminine collection, beautiful selection you have here.
Sarah Stright said…
I absolutely love these pieces. They're so chic and simple but so gorgeous. And those colors are amazing! I especially love the deep purple lace dress.
JustPatience said…
Beautiful creations . Love the colors and the lace.

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Anonymous said…
прекресна колекция! палтото на втората снимка ми е любимо! и двете рокли накрая! особено черната!
цветовете са страхотни...
Anonymous said…
wow love it <333
Love the colors. Monochrome and also intensive and vivid. Great collection!
Borislava said…
Една от любимите ми марки - винаги свежа визия и подчертан, женствен силует! :) Голяма радост беше, когато си купих първата (и единствена) рокля с етикетче Blumarine. Почти не съм я носила, за съжаление подобни дрехи не са за всяка фигура. Но успях да задоволя една моя мечта (или по-скоро каприз). Радвам се, че открих този блог! :) Продължавай в същия дух, Плами!
Ale e Elis said…
I love every single one of them!!!
The color are so vibrant, beautiful!
Martiniss said…
She's really good. I like her. Cool blog by the way! :)

Yasemin said…
I love these bright colors, especially that teal!

Thanks so much for the comment, I appreciate it!

Abigail Smith said…
The yellow dress and the tan trench coat are my absolute favs!!! So fun!! =)
Rich Girls. said…
sooo many great pieces.
i especially love the contrast of the neutral tones and the blacks against the bright red, purple and green.
ps. thanks so much for your comment on my blog! x.
Obsessed with the colors! I can't chose a favorite they are all so awesome.