The Wardrobe: Shades of Fall

Yey! It's time for an outfit post! I feel like I want to make more of these but I just have so much to share that I never get around it! I wore this outfit about a week ago when the weather was still warmer. Now it's almost winter but I still have some warn-fall outfits to share with you. :)

Lately I love layering dresses with beautiful sweaters! These were both made by my talented mom and I love them! The dress was actually one of the first pieces she's ever made when she was even younger than me and when I found it I fell in love with it! The print is just so beautiful! The purse was handmade and the earrings were a gift from a very precious friend of mine! And of course these are my little H&M ballerinas that I wear much too often, but I cannot help myself! They're just so adorable!

This garden is like a little paradise in the city center totally out of context in the middle of a boulevard and we went there especially for the pictures because I thought it's perfect at this time of the year for this particular outfit! 

Have a beautiful day!



Anonymous said…
обеците са страхотни!<3
Lisa said…
The sweater is just amazing... I need such a mother as well! Although my mother can sew things I don't know whether she has enough time to make such beautiful pieces. New years' resolution: learn how to make clothes myself!

Love, Lisa
Andrea said…
Your mum makes such lovely sweaters. Your blog is so pretty.
Heather said…
Beautiful skirt - love the colors... and I really like the texture of the sweater! You look great!
Talented mother again with the beautiful sweater!! And the skirt print is pretty. This is a great fall outfit - cozy and pretty.
@jackiegiardina said…
I absolutely love your hair color! omg its seriously the perfect red. And love the contrast against your earrings <3

xo Jackie
aki! said…
So pretty. So classy and just pretty. Did the sweater cinch like that or is that the belt working? And if it's the belt, how did you place it so that it stays nice like that?
Fashionistable said…
Perfect location for this look. The flower bed looks like it was planted especially for your skirt. Xxxx
love your sweater
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I love how you have chosen the perfect setting to take these outfit photos, you look lovely and it really suits the season! x
Angela said…
super blog!!!

Angela Donava
cuteredbow said…
Such a nice outfit ! You look lovely !
your skirt is super cute and matches the beautiful foliage of fall perfectly.

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Cara said…
Wow, you have a talented momma! I love that sweater, and how you layered it over the sweet printed dress. Great yellow earrings, they had such a nice pop of color!
Cute look! I've been wearing a lot of chunky sweaters with skirts too.. love fall weather.

Viv said…
love the floral skirt and the sweater is perfect ;)
Elle Sees said…
I want an outfit like this one!
A Heel in Mint said…
Beautiful pictures. Love the first one!

Heel in Mint
wonderful outfit and great colour scheme.
Tony SHT said…
Страхотна пола!!! :)
Lia said…
I love the chunky knit with the beautiful skirt (dress). Mixing textures like this really epitomizes fall. I love the pop of yellow with the earrings, great look!
I love handmade things, your mother did a wonderful job. Beautiful outfit... very autumn chic.
By Sara Romero said…
Can't believe how many awesome things your mom has made for you. The sweater is my favorite, such a rich espresso color. I wear flats way too much too, they're just so comfy!

Girlfriends said…
Lovely outfit, lovely dress.. Your mom is so talented, lucky girl!!

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Kirstin Marie said…
That is a beautiful garden. It compliments your outfit so nicely!! I love your skirt. You look so pretty!!
Leah Olion said…
How pretty :)
I'll have to try that with some of my sweaters
Laydiana said…
I LOVE the color of your hair! Wish I could pull it off like you :( You look really pretty.
Annabelle Fleur said…
Beautiful outfit, I really love your sweater an skirt, the colors go perfectly together! Great blog, I am now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)

Adriana said…
Gorgeous outfit I love your skirt & the earrings! Very cute!
Marcella said…
Such a fabulous print on that skirt!

x Marcella
Anh said…
You outfit is soo cute! I love it!
Dresses and sweaters is a great combination!
loving how your skirt matches the orange flowers :)

i'm really loving your hair color! and your style. I hope you do more outfit posts soon!
Tasja said…
Cute sweater!
And love the fact that you are also behind with posting your warm-weather outfits haha :p

Cotton Candy
loving those earrings girl! they just give that best pop of color!!
xo TJ
amazing look! the skirt is gorgeous! :)
Ruby Girl said…
lovely earrings! and that sweater is so perfect with that skirt. you look beautiful, my dear! <3