The Wardrobe: Rainy day and My New Video

Hey dolls! The weather around here is getting really cold and rainy and it feels like it's already winter time... or very late fall at least! So here's a warmer outfit I wore on Monday. Even the blazer and the scarf weren't enough to warm me up!

I'm wearing my favorite jeans by Mango, a blazer by one of the best Bulgarian brands - Dika, a Parfois scarf  (maybe you've noticed I absolutely love Parfois! They make the best accessories ever and as soon as I saw this scarf I knew I just had to have it)! And of course the polka dotted blouse! This is one of the first pieces I made myself! I bought the bag in Venice and the shoes in Groningen and I have no idea about the brands. This is my type of casual wear, so I was even wondering should I share this outfit but I think the pictures are beautiful because of the gorgeous background, so I decided to put them up after all!

And here's the most exciting part! Check out my new Youtube video and let me know what you think! Also if you want to see something in particular let me know that as well!

It's Friday! So enjoy yourself today and have a great weekend!



.sabo skirt. said…
we love the style, specially the bag and scarf!..Great!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
Cecylia said…
you are so sweet I adore your video- you are so gorgeous!
Have a lovely weekend!
Come and follow my blog darling!
TMRK said…

check out my blog :)
k f e d l a n d said…
Even thought it's raining, you still manage to look beautiful! I the look, especially the blazer x
Melly said…
Hübsches Outfit. :)
Loving that scarf !
ChiccaStyle said…
Love the video honey!!!You look great as always!
Mongs said…
that's a really pretty scarf, you look cute in this outfit! I love the pokka dot top! Seems like it has been raining in different parts of the world, it's been raining here too.

Heather said…
So cute! I love the mix of patterns :)
Inge said…
Hey - I just stumbeled upon your blog and you are doing what I have wanted to do for a long long time: a video!!! I thought that in a way I was closer to you...even f I don't actually know you. When H&M did not exist in Romania I used to get a lot of things from them...and enjoyed having cute and lovely things which were affordable...but now they are in Romania (probably also soon expanding to Bulgaria) and I am buying less from them as I want to avoid a uniform look...but the accessoires which you received from your mum are amazing, especially the bracelet and the neckpiece. I wish you wear them in good health (Romanian saying)!
Best regards from Bucharest,
Aya Smith said…
Lovely outfit, I ADORE that scarf! :)

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi
yiqin; said…
this is an amazing outfit <3
Miss Priyanca said…
you look adorable hon~
you look great and i love the video.
Loved your video! Your Mom picked you up some great pieces!

Have a great weekend, sweetie :) xoxo
Sick by Trend said…
beautiful scarf! :D

Have a great weekend

Ale e Elis said…
Great blouse.
Nice pics!!!
Alexandra said…
Love rainy days!!!! you look fantastic!

Very nice! It`s pretty similar to my rain-wardrobe :)

Have a nice weekend, Jenny
hope you a nice weekend ~xoxo ~
cool look!

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nice post ... I will follow you come into my blog and follow me kiss you too ...
Ivanina said…
Харесва ми аутфита, а видеото се е получило много добре :-)