The Wardrobe: Fashionable business

Hey dolls! It's been a long day but I am finally home, sharing with you one of my favorite outfits! This is what I wear when I want to look business appropriate, but fashionable in the same time.

I am wearing my favorite skirt and it's by Terranova! Can you imagine?! Normally I don't go anywhere near their stores but as soon as I saw this skirt on the window I just had to have it! The black blazer is from Dika and I wear it so much at this time of the year because it's really elegant and really warm as well, so it's the ultimate fall blazer! I got the gorgeous shoes at a local store! They were designed and made in Bulgaria and I was so glad to buy them! My purse is once again handmade, I just love the color! It goes perfectly with my lipstick! So what really makes the outfit my own is the lace top! It's not just that I really love lace because it's so feminine, soft and beautiful, and I also made it myself!

What's your business look? How do you spice it up?

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Have a beautiful day! 



.sabo skirt. said…
great look! we love your outfit so much!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
Love how you styled the lace top!
i LOVE your lace top :)
just tututiny said…
The lace top is gorgeous. This is such a beautiful professional look with the blazer and skirt but the hint of white lace and red bag gives it such a chic factor. Love it. Thanks for sharing.
You look so chic and professional at the same time! Looove that lace top :) xoxo
Charmaine said…
I'd definitely wear that to work, maybe on a day where I have a meeting with a client... most days I wear jeans to the office.
ZoĆ« Kate said…
Very stylish and put together! And GREAT hair!

Ly said…
I love this business look. I normally don't wear suits but I love taking a dress and making it into business attire.

love this top!
The Key To Chic said…
Yes, the lace top is super chic, and takes your look to another level. Love the polished and professional vibe, very pretty!
Melly said…
Great Outfit. :)
Natalie Suarez said…
amazing! love this :)

so pretty! love the lace <3
you look like you really mean business in this.
Alexandra said…
Love the lace top! I like wearing EXTREMELY tall heels with more conservative work looks! But my go to work look is a sleek pencil skirt with a silky blouse!

Rosa Pel said…
really nice outfit
blondehaus said…
Love the lace top! I always try to spice up my work clothes with really unique accessories, or bright lipstick. Great styling!
oomph. said…
your bag is handmade?? excellent! i love the color as well!

Liz Lizo said…
Business chic! That top is amazing, great job.

Liz Lizo
Katherine said…
This outfit is lovely - you are right, biz appropriate and very pretty at the same time :)
Stephanie Ayu said…
first off, thanks for your comment ^_^

your hair is so beautiful! ilove the style and color of it.
Clara Turbay said…
I like the lace top!
Jess said…
Love this take of business casual - the lace top makes it so much more modern
Love the lace with the black!

ash said…
great professional look! this is the perfect way to look stylish at work!
Marcella said…
A chic and mature look! Love the choice of simple accessories!

x Marcella
Parisienne said…
Hi honey...
thank you for stopping, have a nice day!

Bridgette said…
The top is a good way to personalize your look and keeps it fun. I like to spruce up my work attire with funky shoes and accespries. Also adding color keeps the look fresh and modern.
LinasStyle said…
Love the lace top, cute ! :)
✿Cathie✿ said…
You honestly should be a designer. :) I love your business-y look! It strikes the right cord between being professional and still being you. ♥


i love your lace top! perfect touch :)
Anonymous said…
so chic!