Inspirational Quote: Emerson

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween, loves! Today's holiday gives everyone the opportunity to be exactly who they want to be, to dress up like something or someone else and feel great, but in the end of the night you take off your costume and go back to your usual self. And that is a good thing! You don't need to be someone else's copy to be great! You can achieve greatness you own way! You just need to believe it, to work hard for it and be very, very enthusiastic!  Be happy with who you are, and do what you really love to do, because ... 

What costume did you choose to wear? Have a great holiday!



no argue . said…
So cute. ! <3

Greeting from Poland :)
Wishing you an enthusiastic week dear!
Jessica said…
Great words and a great quote. And Happy Halloween! :)

xx Jessica
Diana Pereira said…
Thanks for your comment. I loved your reflection, I think it's very well done and gives motivation! :)

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Karen said…
Happy Halloween to you as well!! Love the quote!!

Great blog!! Following!!

it was fun reading, what a great quote!
thx for stopping by dear, happy Halloween!
Tish Daae said…
very nice of you! :) Happy Halloween!

Ly said…
Such an awesome quote. Thank you for sharing.

Bahar Karaoglan said…
Also happy Halloween to you! :)
Thanks for sharing!

Greetings Bahar
Amber said…
Thanks for you comment (:
I love your blog!
@jackiegiardina said…
those pumpkins are awesome! Happy Halloween!

xo Jackie
Anonymous said…
още нищо не съм измислила, а вече е почти 6 ч... сиг няма да се маскирам, ама все пак искам да е нещо готино!<3 весел празник и на теб!
wolfmedown said…
Now I don't celebrate Halloween like I used to do this a couple of years ago. But I think I should come back to it and feel like a kid again! Happy Halloween ;))
Alia said…
i LOVE Halloween!!!!
Ale e Elis said…
Love the pumpkins!!!!!
Bree said…
Great post.
Happy Halloween!

This is great combination of images, and everything is awesome.
You know I've bookmarked you long time ago haha.
See mine please:)
Happy Halloween, sweetie!!! :) xoxo
r.a.j.e. said…
Those pumpkins look amazing. Happy halloween to you! Thanks for visiting your blog, we are following you now and looking forward to new posts!
r.a.j.e. xx
Rach said…
Awesome quote and great words! Thank so much for caring
Ally said…
Happy Halloween! Very inspiring quote as well :) Thanks for sharing!

xx, Ally
The pumpkins are awesome, i tried to do this but it's harder than i thought!! Happy halloween x
oomph. said…
happy halloween! those pumpkins are great! some people are really creative! wish i had the time to make one with the WOW factor, lol!

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Thanks for your comment on my blog! You have a nice blog;).

xx Laura
Love that quote -- it's so true in every way!

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I chose a zombie ballerina
happy halloween
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Katherine said…
Beautiful quote - and love that pumpkin photo :) Didn't dress up for this Halloween...
Clara Turbay said…
great and creative.
Sarah Whitney said…
Ahh those pumpkins are SO rad!
great quote... Happy Halloween my dear!
Lily said…
Couldn't agree more!!! Hope you had a fun Halloween!
MsNana_ said…
thanks for visiting my blog.. i super appreciate that you liked it.
i do not really celebrate halloween however i had fun given those little kids candy xxx
Gear said…
like your blog! very interesting posts :)), follow each other on google? xoxo
Anonymous said…
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