Inspirational Quote: Carrie Bradshaw

Happy Monday! The inspiration quote I want to share with you today is taken from my favorite TV series - Sex and the City, and continues my train of thoughts from last week (click HERE for a reminder). 

This goes for every single person, not just women! Surround your self with people who can keep up with you and help you go forward, people who inspire you and make you become the best possible version of yourself and forget about everyone who pulls you back, who tries to tame you for any reason. You meant to achieve greatness, you were born wild, don't let anyone stop you! 

Have a fabulous week!



Mongs said…
great quote, just can't picture myself as being wild. Ha..

ohhhh so beautiful quote:)

i love Carrie and sex on the city so so much^^

xx Rachel <3<3
Rachel B. said…
Thank's for comment my post :)
Tony SHT said…
Един от любимите ми Carrie цитати :)
Tony SHT said…
Един от любимите ми Carrie цитати :)
Miss Ewig said…
I love that quote... Its so true!

Thank for passing by my blog and comment! I follow U now!

Have a nice week!
Andrea B. said…
I love this speech!

I wait you on my blog !
Kisses Andy
Jessica said…
Great quote, I love Sex and the City. :)

xx Jessica
Mirela said…
I like this post girl! :)
Roberta Tonelli said…
Hey dear! Great post!
Loved it!
marialε said…
Great quote... thanks for sharing
My Fashion Bug
.sabo skirt. said…
Great quote! We love it so much!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
santhi said…
Thanks for comment babe!
Great blog:) I think I'm Your new follower:)
Uliana said…
Ye ah, Carrie's quotes are always truthful :) Thanks for sharing!
This is one of my very favorite quotes from SATC! xo
Nuha said…
love sex and the city and i loved this episode!!
JustPatience said…
I know and love that quote. Am a big SATC fanatic. Thanks for sharing with others.

I love that quote!!! Hope you're having a fabulous Monday :) xoxo
Manding. said…
sigghhhh. yes. except in this case. i just need to find someone who'll live on a farm with me.
I love that. It's so true. I think my husband is just as wild and crazy as I am.
Lauren said…
One of my favorite quotes of all time! Happy Monday.

CILLA B said…
lovely quote
LinasStyle said…
Love the quote! nice blog :)
Katherine said…
Love this quote - it's fabulous :)
Heather said…
What a great quote - I adore SITC :)
Ale e Elis said…
That's it!!! Great quote.
What a lovely quote, I'm going to link some friends who could take heed!x
Audrey Leighton said…
SUCH a great quote. need to write this down

Andra de Blanco said…
Gracias por tu visita.
Cool! I love Sex and the City!!

bridgette said…
i totally agree. sometimes you need to run free without any boundaries to figure out what you want out of life.
Marcia B. said…
Thanks for your lovely comment, would you like to follow each other? :)
Sabrina said…
interesting post!:) i'm following you also on fb :) if you want do the same :)