Bulgarian Designers: Marinella Zakaryan and Paradise Garage Boutique

Hey dears! Do you remember that last Wednesday I told you about two Bulgarian designers that are really talented? Well today I have something even better! You're going to meet the lovely Marinella Zakaryan! She's one of the most interesting people I've met and owns a little colorful boutique where every piece is unique and made by a young Bulgarian talent! This magical place is called Paradise Garage Boutique and it's hidden in a small romantic street in the city center! The moment I waked in for the first time I knew I wanted to share it with you, so I want to thank Marinella for letting me do it! 

Marinella has her own views on fashion. She believes in individuality, in finding the perfect piece for everyone that would express exactly who this person is. This is the main focus of the boutique. The idea about it was born 7 years ago in Soho, NY. Marinella wanted to recreate the charming little stores back in Bulgaria! Actually she wanted to own a boutique ever since she was a little girl. 20 years ago her aunt used to own a boutique where she was selling gorgeous luxurious dresses. When it was closed those dresses went to the ceiling and Marinella was imagining how she'd upgrade them and sell them in at a very special place. In Soho the idea developed and Paradise Garage Boutique was born. 

Marinella really believes in the talent of the young Bulgarian designers. Some of the clothes are even made by the design students from my university! Like my favorite piece in the store for example! I fell in love with this gorgeous top and I just had to try it on! It's so beautiful and unique! Look at these statement sleeves and the unexpected lace back! I will probably have to add this to my personal wardrobe! :)

It's hard to own a boutique in my country. But what drives Marinella to continue fighting for her dream is the people's reaction, the people coming back more than ones, the love they share!

I asked Marinella what's the must have for the fall and she said: Well it's a trench with butterflies on the lining, of course! Doesn't this sound magical to you! It would definitely make the rainy season a whole lot brighter! She believes that the best fashion advice is to be yourself and if you wake up feeling gloomy to make a little effort and transform your mood, wearing your favorite clothes!

Marinella is a real believer in the power of fashion blogging! She really love the fact that we're gaining more influence because we're closer to the people and we're the real trendsetters! 

"I prefer to be inspired by my life, this way everything comes from my heart." ~Marinella

You can find more beautiful pictures in the facebook group of Paradise Garage Boutique! Just click HERE.
And HERE, HERE and HERE you can find out more about three of the young designers whose pieces can be found in the boutique.



Angela said…
super post! j'aime les photos! beaucoup de choses interessantes!
Angela Donava
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Sabrina said…
really nice post! :)
Arden said…
Her stuff actually looks great! xx
michellehendra said…
they look amazing!

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Duygu said…
I'm so in love with your blogging-style dear, really unique and lovely post :))

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It really means a lot to me :) puss puss and huggs from <3 <3

great designs and images... love the wings!
all of these finds are just fabulous girl!! loving the antiques!
xo TJ
Ashleigh said…
Gorgeous boutique and fabulous items - I love her Fall must have - so unique & special!
Gorgeous necklace! <3


Bahar Karaoglan said…
there are really some beautiful pieces,
love the sleeves of the black one! :)

Greetings, Bahar
Fashionistable said…
This is a lovely post. Love her outlook. Xxxx
Melly said…
I like this shoes. .)
Ale e Elis said…
Wonderful post!!!!

Alina said…
This is great!beautiful pieces!
Fabulous post, sweetie! These pieces are just gorgeous. I love the lace back. You should definitely get it :) xoxo
Polly said…
Such great and unique pieces!
Sarah Whitney said…
That black top is just stunning!
Cara said…
Thank you for sharing Marinella's beautiful boutique, it looks like it holds lots of amazing treasures! That ruffled shirt and skirt in the first picture are awesome, and I love the accessories and those deer!
Ellaine said…
наистина много готино бутиче, струва си да се посети! :)
Sianna said…
Тези постове ще вземат да ми станат любими. Много добри попадения!
Следващия път като тръгнеш на лов за такива интересни места трябва да се обадиш :Р
kcomekarolina said…
i LOVE the pics!!!

xoxo from rome
{molly beth} said…
I just found your adorable blog! I love it! I also write a style blog, so I love finding new blogs that inspire me! I'd love for you to stop by and follow!

Super-lovely clothes & jewellery!

I love the outfit you picked and would wear it myself.

Best, Jen
La Mode En Rose said…
i didn't know her! thanks for sharing!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )
Katherine said…
What beautiful items Paradise Garage offers! Thank you for sharing :)
A Heel in Mint said…
Beautiful pictures. Love the last quote.

Heel in Mint
The Key To Chic said…
So happy to hear she supports fashion blogging. The sleeve detail on the top is gorgeous, and quite eye-catching.
such a cute post! :)
Jade said…
beautiful post.

i studied abroad to spain in college and my room mate was from bulgaria.

dubre dubre, ide ide, chow.
i alwys remember her saying that to her momon the phone.

i am following you, would love you to follow me back!


<3 Jade
Anonymous said…



Sweet darling. said…
The Boutique looks gorgeous, she has amazing designs .. shes talented :)

Em said…
Beautiful, love the outfit with the GIANT sleeves!

Mongs said…
thanks for shsring about this fabulous designer, Marinella, she has got great designs and talent. I'm sure she will do well!

Liz Lizo said…
Oh I love... so much

Liz Lizo
Stephanie Ayu said…
it's always interesting to see other fashion designers from other countries.

thanks for sharing <3

Thrift_Queen said…
Mnogo obicham tozi magazin, blagodaria za 4udesnata statia i snimki :))
Anonymous said…
олеле, страхотно е!<3
Anonymous said…
The clothing is romantic and feminine. I would love to shop here. The shirt with the puffy sleeves is very cute. I really like the dramatic detailing.

Dandy-Doll said…
It's a beautiful sentence to end with...
"everyone who can see beauty will never get old"