The Wardrobe: DIY Glitter Shoes

As I promised you on my facebook page I'm going to show you how to make your own pair of fairy glitter shoes! Here's what you need:

1. A pair of shoes of course :)
2. Glue that won't damage the shoes
3. A spray to finish it off (it's important that it remains flexible because you will walk in these, and also to be water proof)
4. Brushes (one brush is enough actually)

So first you start by putting the glue all over the shoe. You have to be really quick with this because it might dry really fast. Next you dust as much glitter as you want on the shoe and wait for some time till it dries a little. The last thing you should do is finish it off with the spray and you do the same with the second shoe and you are done! You have your own pair of shiny shoes! Here it is in pictures:


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Have a beautiful day! 



Jessica said…
This looks like such a fun project. And the shoes look great! I think I may try this. Thanks for sharing!

xx Jessica
Jennifer Rose said…
What a fun project. Hurray for sparkly shoes!
Fashionistable said…
Fantastic. Now you are ready to party. Xxxx
Anonymous said…
ужасно сладко!<3 от обикновени ежедневните обувчици се превръщат в по-вечерни...!<3<3<3
chellemorgan said…
Love this tutorial! What a great sparkly DIY. I may just have to try this out one day :)

Xo Chelle
LeeLee said…
Oh boy what a great project!
Rachel said…
I love these - I need some glittery footwear in my life stat!
kcomekarolina said…

xoxo from rome
Eden said…
Britt+Whit said…
oooh great! i love this DYI

love from San Francisco,
oh dear you are an awesome artist!!! they are so cool now, i adore them!

Rachel, xx <3<3
Danielle Barbe said…
they look fantastic! i have to make a pair.
Clara Turbay said…
Lovely. if you have time i hope you come and check out my blog.
I am going to make these!! Thanks for passing this info along, so inspiring!!
.sabo skirt. said…
wow! fantastic! you're so creative! we love your blog so much! now we know how to do it on our own!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
Ale e Elis said…
Great job!!! Very creative.
Alexa said…
This looks like so much fun but a pain to clean up :P Brilliant DIY!
Sianna said…
Хехе много готино. В първия момент като видях блестящата обувка си помислих за пантафката на Пепеляшка.
Dandy-Doll said…
looks so funny to do!! The result is cool :)

Lily said…
I imagine Cinderella wore the exact same pair on her big night! Lovely!
Anonymous said…
Wow this looks cool, great post!

Halie said…
Oh my gaahhh, such a good idea.
Jade said…
wow, what an awesome idea. those look so cute. i may try this with gold glitter!!

thanks for your comment the other day!!

i have added some new posts so hopefully you will be able to stop by soon!

hope you have a fabulous day!!

Яна said…
Ехааа, супер идея!А дали не би могло да се направи и на тениска/пуловер?