October 31, 2011

Inspirational Quote: Emerson

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween, loves! Today's holiday gives everyone the opportunity to be exactly who they want to be, to dress up like something or someone else and feel great, but in the end of the night you take off your costume and go back to your usual self. And that is a good thing! You don't need to be someone else's copy to be great! You can achieve greatness you own way! You just need to believe it, to work hard for it and be very, very enthusiastic!  Be happy with who you are, and do what you really love to do, because ... 

What costume did you choose to wear? Have a great holiday!


October 30, 2011

Shoot of the week: Couture Dancer

It's a Sunny Sunday and I'm enjoying a long lovely morning with a big cup of coffee and chocolates <3 Isn't this the perfect beginning of the day? What I also love about Sundays is choosing The Shoot of the Week! It was quite hard today because I fell in love with two different spreads but typically for me I chose the most smoldering and sensual of all. Ginta Lapina is wearing dramatic couture shapes by Dior, Chanel and Givenchy Haute Couture for Vincent Peters' cinematic images! I'm captured by the Couture Dancer ...

Images via FashionGoneRogue.com

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Have a beautiful Sunday!


October 28, 2011

Event: Benetton Wool is Cosmo Cool

Hey loves! Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to an event organized by Benetton and Cosmopolitan, it was called Benetton Wool is Cosmo Cool and I loved it! I went there with my lovely blogger friends and had so much fun!

My lovely Eli from Mademoiselle E.

The birthday girl Sianna from Chocolate Sarcasm and her birthday muffin

The fabulous Raya from Eden

Blogger Power <3




The winter collection is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful colors and cozy knits! Exactly what I want to wear all season long! :) And the children line was presented in such a cute and adorable way! See it for yourself! 

And... Here's the outfit I was wearing

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October 27, 2011

The Wardrobe: Cozy Orange and Sheer Blues

I just had the perfect beginning of the day! Coffee, cupcakes and Fashion TV <3 Personally I made the cupcakes last night! Pumpkin Spice with cream cheese frosting! Yammm! Let me know if you want me to share the recipe, by the way. 

A few words about the outfit: Both the skirt and the sweater were designed by me and made by my talented mother and I absolutely adore them! The necklace, the ring and the bracelet are by H&M! You can see me talking about them HERE. Earrings by Six and my favorite ballerinas by Nickels. The purse is my favorite purchase from Milan, it's by Caprisa and I think it's just perfect!

Tonight I am going to an event organized by Benetton and Cosmopolitan and I have no idea what to wear, so I am going to figure that out!

Have a gorgeous day!


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