The Wardrobe: Fall is almost here

Summer is about to end! I realized it just this Tuesday when Fall made a dramatic stormy appearance. It was raining almost all night long and yesterday morning was actually quite chilly. Summer won over eventually and we were back to the regular heat, but no matter that, the leaves are falling, the nights are colder and my birthday is almost here! This is a picture I snapped just yesterday in the city center. I just think such sunny autumn days are so beautiful!

As I said yesterday morning was a bit cold so I finally had the chance to layer, just a little bit and just for a few hours in the morning, but still I was excited! Here's my outfit:

The skirt and shoes are from H&M, which will finally open a store in Bulgaria! I am so excited and happy! The lovely one shoulder top is from Dika and the cardigan is Mango Basic. It's actually my mom but I wear it more than she does. The purse was bought from a boutique for handmade clothes and accessories. Both me and my mom wear it and we have it for ages, so investing in a good quality bag is always a great idea! I thought I can hold on to summer by mixing white and blue stripes with the red cardigan because it reminds me of the sea. Truth is that no matter what I wear Fall is creeping in and I am already thinking about my new wardrobe. I already bought and made some pieces and have a few more sewing projects and a long wishlist! May be I will share some of those in a future post!

I am thinking about changing the name of my blog. Do you have any suggestions? :)

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baumflokati said…
Cool Blog! Keep the good work up ;)
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Fabrizia said…
Hi! I found your blog and I like it so much! you look really great in this photos!
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Cosa mi metto???
Haidée said…
love your outfits so cute you look very pretty :)

Ivanina said…
In love with the bag!!! :-)) Curios to know what name you have in mind for your blog :)
I have a skirt similar to that one, it's so cute =)
fashionwise said…
such a great post ! thanks for sharing!

have you seen my latest post ?
NRC♥ said…
I like the name fashion thrill!

Dawn (Sassy) said…
Very pretty!


Kel said…
This is a great outfit, Plami!

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

the birthday dress
Bang and Buck said…
love this outfit and i love your hair!


Bang & Buck
B a la Moda said…
What about just fashion spot? Love your top.

B* a la Moda
Angela said…
Ton look est tres chouette! J'adore!
Angela Donava
Eva said…
Много ти отиват такъв тип аутфити! И алилуя, H&M в България, доживяхме! :)
Melly said…
beautiful outfit. :)
Anonymous said…
youu look beautiful :)
Lily said…
very inspiring thanks for sharing!
Gabby said…
Thanks so much for checking out my blog! Love the outfit!

kukiskuku said…
love your skirt. :).following you now.please follow back if you like my beauty and fashion blog.i'd appreciate that very much. :)
cool mix. love the detailing in the second shot.
helena said…
I think the outfit is great!
thehiddenfairy said…
lovely blog!

btw, please check my blog and follow if you like, I promise I will return the favor. thanks.
Jen said…
Plami! You and I are thinking the same things today, stripes with layers :) Nice transitional outfit. Hmm, names, I like your blog name :) so used to going to it now.
Katherine said…
Yay for H&M opening in Bulgaria! I love the striped top on you :)
ellaluvscookies said…
hello, that's such a beautiful picture of your city and your outfit is so gorgeous I love one shoulder tops.

i'm following you now
Hayley said…
I love your paperbag skirt.. its gorgeous.. If your changing the name of your blog, try to narrow it down to about 5 names and then get all of your friends & readers to vote... thats what i did =)
Aquí said…
loving the paper bag waist! Such a good combo with the stripes!
Anonymous said…
Love your outfit. I wore a sand color skirt on Monday for Labor Day and paired it with these super cute wedges I bought on eBay:

and just wanted to share them with you!! =)
StyleIDnet said…
cute outfit, very casual, Chic, very cute.
love the shoes.
Michelle Lee said…
love your top!
Shantik said…
You look beautiful, very effortlessly striking!

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LOVE xxx
Natalie Leung said…
such great autumn picks!! your blog is always great :)

ChiccaStyle said…
Love your mono shoulder top!!!You're super cute honey!!!
Monica said…
im following you :)
Rymonda said…
Great blog! And I love the layered look just in time for Fall!


[life, fashion and everything in between]
Kristina said…
Lovely skirt! I really like the front tie.

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog! Feel free to follow if you like what you see :)

Spotted Appeal
L M ♥ la mode said…
Pretty look, check me out and give me your impressions
Laura said…
This outfit is so cute! Love that cardigan with the striped top!
KK said…
Ohhh I love this one!!! I want!
nice blog!