Inspirational Quote:Take Control

Happy Monday! It's the fist of a gorgeous new month! I think September is the perfect time to set new goals and aims and to make the first step towards achieving them. Success often take a lot of effort, dedication, hard work, and sacrifices so it's easier for many people to just rely on luck or destiny and use the excuse that  whatever is meant to happen will. Well... it's their choice, but here's what I believe:

So if you really desire something, wake up, get yourself together and start directing the sail of your own life. Because no matter how strong and wind is, even if a storm comes around, a ship can reach the shore as long as it's under the command of a great captain. And that would be you!

Have a great and very successful week!



Stevia said…
Whoa.. Such a nice quote!
And I love how you interpreted it :)

Nav said…
what a lovely, inspiring quote!
Style Journey said…
What a beautiful quote! You have a wonderful week!
Devil_kin said…
Страхотен цитат:)
ParisiannSkies said…
what beautiful words.
Fashionistable said…
Good quote. I like it. Xxxx
Zarna said…
i love this quote :)
Anonymous said…
It i so true. You have to work for your goals!!:)
Natasha said…
Hey! Found you via IFB! Following :)

Jacquii Lie said…
I love this quote, and your blog! Its so chic. I love the Audrey you can tell by mine, I adore her! Isn't she the epitome of fashion!

I just discovered your blog and you have great style. Wanna follow each other? I always follow back :) Be sure to stop by!


WITH LOVE from Australia!
Hi, I love your blog, very good!
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What do you think of following each other? kisses
i so agree with that! no matter what hardships life will throw at us, learn from those and use what you have learned in the future
ChiccaStyle said…
Beautiful quote honey!!!Totally agree,thanks for sharing!
Clara Turbay said…
Great post. i Hope you check out my blog.
✿Cathie✿ said…
Such an inspiring post. Thanks for sharing -- it's a great way to start the week, after the lazy long weekend!

♥ Miss Cathie♥
I love this quote unless you help yourself noone will. I think it's much easier to moan and whine but it takes much more strength and drive to change the direction of your life! Just discovered your blog, you have lovely quirky chic style!
Jessica L. said… inspirational!- Jessica