The Great Designers: Oscar de la Renta

Today's designer spotlight is very special to me, because the Oscar de la Renta dresses were one of the reasons I fell in love with fashion! Season after season we see exquisite pieces of art in the collections. The lavish skirts and dresses, the embroidery, the perfect detailing, the over the top feathers and luxurious fabrics, the exquisite jewels and the ornate trims, the beautiful colors and feminine shapes make me smile and whisper "Thank God I am a woman!"

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Oscar de la Renta was born in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, where he spent his childhood. The tropical island filled with colors is the main source of inspiration for the designer. When he turns 18, Oscar moves to Spain to study painting at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid. The Spanish culture, and especially the Spanish fashion captivate him, and his interest in design begins to grow by day. The future designer soon starts sketching for Spain's leading fashion houses and lands an internship with the couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga. The next step the great talent takes is to move to Paris and join Antonio Castillo at the house of Lanvin as a couture assistant. In this extravagant, luxurious scene, Oscar begins to realize that the future of fashion is in the ready-to-wear, so he moves once again, this time to New York. There he takes Diana Vreeland's advice and returns to couture designing Elizabeth Arden’s custom-made clothing line. She promotes Oscar's name and he gains further public recognition.

In 1965, after years of working with some of the greatest couturiers in the world, the Oscar de la Renta signature ready-to-wear label is created. The recipe for success is the combination of the designer's Latin American passion for vibrant color, his European-trained eye for luxurious fabrics and embellishments, and his unique understanding for all things feminine.

What follows are numerous prestigious awards, a fragrance, accessory and home line and of course, in 2006 the launch of the bridal collection, featuring extraordinary embroideries and beautiful fabrics, from silk duchess to French Alençon lace. 

"I have always felt my role as a designer is to do the very best I can for a woman to make her look her best. Fashion is only fashion once a woman puts it on.”
 ~ Oscar de la Renta



Angela said…
J'adore les looks! Ils sont splendides!!!!

Angela Donava
Anonymous said…
Обожавам Оскар де ла Рента! Всички негови колекции винаги много са ми харесвали! Тази не прави изключение!<3
Olivia said…
I love Oscar De La Renta, my BFF and my love are from the Dominican Republic, so I've visited there several times and it is breathtaking. I love the colors he uses in his collections and one of my favorite pieces was the hot pink dress Carrie Bradshaw wore to the opera in Sex and the City season 6.
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Fashionistable said…
I can see why you fell in Love. Xxxx
Miriam Stella said…
nice !!!!
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Miss Priyanca said…
like an old fairy tale! bring it on!
Anonymous said…
awesome show! i loved everything!!
Kate said…
I loved all the feathers and tassles in this collection but my favorite looks were the crop tops with giant ballgowns. so perfect!
Thanks for the comment (:

devin olivia said…
loving the collection pure genius
I would die for an Oscar dress. The looks are amazing, so beautiful, feminine, and everything a dress should be! Great post.
These are all such amazing designs. I love the volume of the skirts, the textures, and the daring use of colour.
El said…
This is such a great post dear! Oscar's dresses always stand out from the rest. Amazingly beautiful and incredibly feminine.

classy & fabulous

Ale e Elis said…
Amazing dress selection. Love the third.
Ioana Liliana said…
Indeed, everything here is perfection!

Lily said…
Beautiful runway! I love the dress with the red flowers (poppies?)!

Oscar is one of the most talented in the industry!
ellaluvscookies said…
i loooooveee oscar de la renta <3