The epitome of femininity

It's 1:30 A.M. and I am still awake. Spent an entire day of shopping, finished one of my sewing projects and instead of sleeping I feel like writing a special post for you! I've been following NY fashion week so far, and although I don't like really talking about every runway or just sharing pictures, which you can all see on the internet (just because I am not currently there:), I was inspired by the IFB project #13 and I want to share with you my favorite spring 2012 trend so far.

We saw many trends that have already been proven to work like whites, blues, citrus shades, color blocking, nude colors, sexy cutouts, maxi dresses, and of course flowers... I know you might be thinking ...

... but you should admit it flowers, are good, they're great actually - fun and beautiful! 

As you may be have noticed, because I guess it's apparent even if you just look at the layout of my blog, I absolutely adore everything beautiful and feminine. Just give me soft fabrics, skirts and dresses, florals and countless pairs of high heels... you see my point now :) And here's the big moment when I share my most favorite trend I saw so far! It's her Majesty the Draped Dress. We've seen some in the fall/winter 2011 collections (like Victoria Becham's), but in the spring 2012 lines it definitely steps up! In my opinion this is the epitome of femininity!

And before I forget! There's another trend I like and find really fun and amusing! The Little Black Dress is changing color! Here's for the girly girls who still dream of becoming princesses! 

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Time flies! It's 2:30 A.M. now and I am off to bed because I'll have to wake up early for an appointment at the hair saloon! :)

Don't forget to share what's your favorite trend? :)



Snow Black said…
I love Peter Som's collection
Snow Black said…
I love Peter Som's collection
Hi, love the blog.
Give a pass by the mine.
If you like, we can follow each other?
azu said…
HAHAHAHA! I love that reference to The Devil Wears Prada. If Anna Wintour ever said that to me I would DIE. But I do have to agree with you that florals are very beautiful. Especially if they are tweaked a little, or used on different fabrics and cuts to make it new and fresh. Being feminine in fashion is never a bad thing!
beautiful post. well written too.
Hayley said…
your right florals are great for summer - if it aint broke, dont fix it. I am also loving the bold brights. great post!! now following x
Mary M. said…
I have just came across to your blog and..I love your unique way of creating all the posts and your special writing! Not to mention the name of your blog! I'm definetely a follower now, and I was hoping we can keep in touch , because fashionable girls should stick toghether. I'm a blogger myself, so it's not hard at all finding me around all the fashionistas communities and my blog's facebook page.
Hugs , kisses and good luck with blogging!!!

Mary from
DreamYourStyle said…
great post..and your blog is so unique..
i just subcribed to your blog..i hope u follow me back love to comment u some more..:)
take care
ChiccaStyle said…
I love your selection honey!!!My fav is the dress from Luca Luca!
Happy Sunday!
amy said…
This post made me want to go shopping- I love the dresses and the beautiful colors x

hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *
The Peter Som dress is breath-taking! *love*
lucia m said…
love the dresses!
Fashionistable said…
Liking the Doo Ri collection. Thank you for these. Positive way to spend your sleepless hours. Xxxx
xoxo, dania said…
my favorite is the orange dress!!
Rianna Bethany said…
I really love that Luca Luca collection, it was so fun and refreshing

Rianna xxxx
Kel said…
What gorgeous cuts and colours. I seriously love them all!

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

melbourne: bows and zara
Belle Armed said…
I love meryl in that role. she nails it.
Zarna said…
i love draped pieces as well - gorgeous!
Marissa Joy said…
Great looks! So far, I'm loving Spring's draped dresses, as well as the variety of prints and bright colors!
valentina said…
gorgeous dresses, love the orange one!
Stella Lunardy said…
I like shoji's collection:) and I ask permission to put your blog link into mine, hope you don't mind:) Thankyou!♥
Anonymous said…
wonderful collection <3
Beautiful! Great post! :)
Anonymous said…
Lovely post. The dresses are stunning.
I'm also a fan of femininity & florals :) but I do like to mix it up by something edgy now and then
Ag said…
My favorite trend now are the colored stoles. I am already addicted to them, you can throw them on any outfit and BAM! you've changed your entire look!
Sasha said…
Love your picks!
kelinci said…
Really perfect design fashion.