Anna Wintour

Today I have something special to share! Anna Wintour is a strong, influential woman, she's actually the single most influential woman in the fashion world. Some people look up to her and respect her, other's are terrified, but everyone listens to what she has to say!

video source: MOD TV

She's a huge inspiration to me! The way she worked her way up to the position she's on right now is amazing! It's a proof that of you want something, and work hard enough it will be yours!



Anonymous said…
Queen of mean! това ме разби... :D
уважавам такива жени.
леле, девойче, блоговете, които си предложила за награда са страхотни! истинско вдъхновение - благодаря ти!
Am I one of the only ones that doesn't like her hair though? She has class and grace for sure - but her hair! ughh! Just me! xx
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
Aida said…
Love her 2! A real inspiration!! =)
Daria said…
Totally agree! She's such an important person in the fashion world. And she's a really great example of professionalism and strengh :)

Marcela Gmd said…
Fantastic post!!
I like your blog!
Maybe we can follow each other?

Besos, desde España, Marcela
I didn't know her story! super interesting and inspiring!
haha:) she is always an inspiration! she is fabulous!!!
nice blog, come to see mine? ^^

Clara Turbay said…
she is the most influential! no doubt!
Zarna said…
agreed - she is an amazing inspiration!
She is and will remain a strong voice in fashion!

Chic 'n Cheap Living
Francesca Felix said…
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Celyne Glam said… i'm following u :*
Lili said…
Hi Plami,

I gave your beautiful blog the tell me about yourself award! Go check out my blog for more info!

Juley said…
She is legendary!! Thanks for always stopping by. You are great!

India said…
She's a huge inspiration to me too!
I admire her so much as a woman. She has achieved so much and stood her ground.

A true inspiration for me as well!
La Mode En Rose said…
great post! i love it!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )
Kel said…
She is THE queen bee of fashion. Oh could you just imagine the life!

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

nursery rhymes: little bo peep
I adore her style ever since.

By the way, I'm your newest follower via GFC.
Please feel free to visit my blog. Looking forward to seeing you there, and hope you follow me back. Thanks!
Snow Black said…
So true.... Just keep going and one day it will all pay of ;)
The Annachrist said…
Did you watch the documentary The September Issue?? She's a monster.
Mary and Dyer said…
She is just such a classy woman. E! News did a funny segment the other day of them trying to track her down during fashion week - it made me laugh! Great post, thanks for sharing. xox

I just became your newest follower. I'd love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you'd like! :)

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Maria said…
Hey lovely! I adore your blog, it's fabulous! The floral background is just sweet aswell.
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xx, Maria
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jamie said…
yes, who doesn't love a healthy dose of the amazing wintour? great video! i watched all 25 mins of it lol

Bad Joan said…
She is amazing!

Natalie Leung said…
she is a great inspiration!

Ale e Elis said…
She is amazing!!!
Kassandra said…
She is legendary and so gorgeous, I love her style!!!
Fash Boulevard said…
I love Anna Wintour. She really has changed the face of fashion forever. I love this video. Great post. Now following your blog.

I would love if you could stop by my celebrity style and fashion blog soon. xo
El said…
Amazing woman to say the least.

Christine Yun said…
How ironic, I just watched "The September Issue" yesterday! I love Anna Wintour. I have so much respect for her.

Cylia said…
such an amazing inspiration! love the video girl:)
Sabrina said…
I really liike this woman!
Anonymous said…
Great post, lovely.
C'est La Viii said…
I really like Anna, also. I've been wanting to watch the Sept. issue but haven't found the time!
Brookelyn said…
I think Anna is awesome! The September Issue was one of my fave movies!
By Sara Romero said…
It a cut throat industry she makes it happen. I definitely admire that determination. Loved watching this vid, thanks for sharing.

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