August 2, 2011

The Wardrobe: I love this outfit!

Hallo on this beautiful Tuesday morning! I am so excited for the outfit I am going to share with you today! I just love it so much! It's not even going to be a collage... but an overload of pictures ... sorry for that but I just couldn't choose so I am going to post all of them :)


So may be the pictures are really a lot but you know how it is when you fall in love with an outfit! That's what happened! The clothes I am wearing are made by mym mom - both the skirt and the blouse! I designed the skirt and picked this gorgeous color! It reaminds me of the endless see and makes me feel like a princess! The story of the top is similar. I saw the yarn in a store and I thought that the color is so beautiful I just haveto have something made of it. And this is how the outfit was born :) The lovely ballerinas are H&M. I see a tendency here: lately I'm wearing ballerinas much more often than high heels which is very unusual for me. But I just think they're lovely and go perfectly with everything. I have an entire collection by now. And last but not least, the clutch. It's vintage and it used to belong to my mom. When I found it I knew I had to bring it back to life! :) That is it! I am off to pick out today's outfit :) 

If you are interested in purchasing some of my mom's designs you can check her online boutique HERE.

Have a great day!



Emmett Katherine said...

The colours in this outfit are so lovely, I love the peach and blue together! And your mom made it-what a talented lady!

Alina V. said...

Love the skirt!Both the color and the design, such a statement one!

fashiongamble said...

just found you blog!!
love it!

Check out my new post!
Would love to have you as a follower

Natalie Pol said...

Hi Plami!
This is such an unusual and fresh look! And colors do the match great!;)

love the blog, following you now!

best wishes,


I love the sheer skirt, and how awesome that your mom made it!

Ana said...

your skirt is really amazing! And you paired it perfectly <3 ohh and you seem so joyful!:**

menina elegante said...

I just adore that skirt color! x

Margaret said...

i love your maxi skirt, the color are amazing!
you look great!

oomph. said...

your mom did a fabulous job. this is one of my favorite color combos@


Karoline Kalvø said...

So beautiful! Love your style.

Come visit me
Karoline Kalvo

Leah Hummerston said...

cute outfit!

Check out my blog at;


beneath the glass said...

gorgeous outfit, that skirt is really beautiful and so is the sweater. you chose great colors and they compliment each other well. great job to your mom :)

Beneath the Glass

Minza. said...

You've a lovely blog. Follow me! :)
Rougeberry Fashion

Dessislava said...

Много сладко!

Aqeelah said...

lovely look! the skirt is my favourite xx

let's follow each other hun!

Tony SHT said...

And i LOVE that skirt!!! It's gorgeous, as well as the clutch :)

İzmir İstanbul Arası said...

wonderful shoes! love<3

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