The Wardrobe: Breeze and Flowers

Hey my dears! How are you today? I woke up to a beautiful sunny morning and many new comments on my blog! You cannot even imagine how much this means to me! Your feedback drives me to continue and give the best of me! Thank you so much!

The one following my facebook page already know the today I'm making and outfit post! I decided to share another one of my favorite summer dresses. I wore it so many times that it's surprising I've never posted it before!


I just love the floral print, the colors, the breezy fabric ... but what I love most is that it used to be my mom's. when she was about my age! I found it by accident when I was visiting my grandmother and instantly fell in love with it! This is actually one of the first pieces my mom ever made! Imagine that! I love this clutch as well! I got it from Primark together with the bracelet and the earrings (but you cannot really see them). The shades and the most comfortable ballerinas ever are from H&M. I love, love, love this outfit because it's so colorful and sunny!

Have an amazing day and don't forget to check out my mom's online boutique!



Anonymous said…
Cvetovete sa super gotini!!! Nali ne moga da postvam po facebook :) Super che imash anonymous kato identity!
Bloomingvogue mi pisa po facebook, no nemoga dai otgovoria, vidiah che se i komentirala posta dnes.Mnogo li shte e nahalno ako te pomolia, da i posuchish, ce bloga mi e samo zasega po facebook??? Mnogo shte sam ti blagodarna!!
Evas Girl ;)
Eva said…
Супер свежо! Имам почти същия клъч, страхотен цвят и отива на много неща.:)
fashionismyh2o said…
What a gorgeous summery dress - I adore the colour + print - just lovely! I also love the clutch bag :) so pretty!

Aphrodite said…
Pretty dress and i LOVE your purse!! And bracelet too.=)
Sianna said…
Днескашният аутфит е страхотен! Цветен, летен и свеж. Клъчът е в много приятен цвят, който сигурно би освежил всяка дреха.
Yagmur-C said…
Hi Plami, such a lovely blog, I'm following :) Cute outfit too! Don't you love it when you find a hidden treasure in your mum's wardrobe? The Primark clutch is so great.

Thrift_Queen said…
strahoten outfit:) clutch-a e super:)
Anonymous said…
Nice blog :)
I love the image of Audrey over all!I love her...anyway,i love that bag! :D good outfit!
Come visit me and follow if you like,I'll be happy to follow you too :)
Marga.ri.ta said…
Amamzing bag!
zizi bloom said…
Love your blog!

Follow me if you like my blog and I'll follow you back. :)
Anonymous said…
That floral dress is so sweet and cute! That is a great floral pattern and paired with that teal clutch looks FABULOUS!

Devil_kin said…
Ихааа,всичко е страхотно.Но клъчът...е още по-страхотен.Очите ми останаха.Гривната е прекрасна.Браво!
ChiccaStyle said…
Amazing dress and super lovely clutch!!!You look great!
Laura said…
Cute dress :)
Erika said…
This is so gorgeous, the print on the dress is absolutely gorgeous :) love the clutch too! the whole outfit sends out a happy vibe :)

thx for commenting on my post dear, really appreciate it, pls follow too if u haven't already, it'll mean the world to me! :) I'm following ur lovely blog now~

I love every single thing about this look! The dress is gorgeous and I just love that bracelet too :)
Margaret said…
oooh!! so loving the colour of your clutch - great texture too! Looking good miss :)

xoxo, dania said…
your outfit is flawless!
MosaMuse said…
amazing clutch!! beautiful photos. I really love the quote at the top of your blog!!
valentina said…
what a wonderful pochette! lovely with the rest of the look
algoma said…
love the clutch!!!
Cylia said…
the clutch is amazing can I say?! I love it.. need a clutch like that in my life.
Liz B. said…
The dress is beautiful! and the clutch has the coolest color! The whole thing looks very summery.

~bumbling bee
Jen said…
Cute dress and clutch color is amazing! Thanks so much for all your lovely support and comments. Your the best!

Fashionistable said…
Sweet dress. Love the clutch. Xxxx
menina elegante said…
I love the color of the clutch! :) x
Magda said…
i love your blog¡¡ is very cutee kisses from Mexico :)
vintage process said…
Great look! I love it!!
Anonymous said…
love the bag!!
Little Petite said…
You look gorgeous! I love your dress & clutch:)
lovely dress. love the clutch.
lifeisamaze said…
I love the dress !
I LOVE that oversized clutch! It's fabulous!

xo Mary Jo
I love that clutch! It looks adorable with the floral dress!

Beautiful outfit, cute dress!

xoxo Robine @
Lidiya said…
Your dress is gorgeous, I love the print - super cute and perfect for summer :)
I wantttt that clutch! You look great
Jess said…
Oh I love that bright clutch!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful fun dress, lovely cluch
That is such a pretty dress. I just love that clutch. I knew I should have bought it when I saw it in Primark!! :)SarahD
Melly said…
Wonderful outfit. :)
Oh Wow, I LOVE EVERYTHING about your blog. This was my great find of the day. The design layout is brillant. As far as that summer outfit you have on, it looks very Hampton's.

Chiffon, Lace and Leather Fashion Blog
Hanna said…
ooh whatta cute clutch
jess said…
I love that clutch.
Beautiful dress. And I love that clutch too
Anonymous said…
I love the floral dress :)
The colors look amazing with the
turquoise clutch!
Stop by sometime, xoxo Natalie
Bonnie said…
I love the colors in this outfit. Super adorable!! It's perfect for summer.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88
The Key To Chic said…
I love the floral print of this dress. Also love shopping at Primark. Wish they had stores in the U.S.
your Tiffany Blue bag is amazing...

By the way, your Blog is amazing.

Love Leslie
✿Cathie✿ said…
Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! :)

Lovely outfit, that dress not only is pretty but has sentimental value... and the tiffany blue clutch really makes it pop!

Fashion Rehab said…
i love the touch of the bluish, green clutch

Fashion Rehab
tiny dancer said…
Darling dress! I totally adore you style - the bright clutch is the perfect addition :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog <3
Kel said…
What a cute dress. Love the colour of your clutch as well!

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

being a backstage diva
BobbieAustin27 said…
loving that clutch and bracelet
great look :)
Meekay said…
Pretty dress and love the clutch!
The print of that dress is beautiful, and it looks great with the clutch. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting on my blog.
Karen said…
Such a cute outfit and I love the color of the clutch with the floral dress!! Perfection!!

Oh my Dior! said…
I really like the color of your clutch!!
Erin said…
Gorgeous dress and clutch!

Miriam Stella said…
very nice blog!
I adore it!
why don't come and see mine!
and if you like, we colud follow each other?
Miriamstella (From Italy)
Nice post, great photos :D
Follow each other? I bookmarked!
Plamena said…
клъча е страхотен! и гривната много ми хареса :)
Giulia said…
I really like your bag!
Give a look to my new blog and maybe follow it (:
SC said…
The color of the clutch!!! And your bracelet!
Anonymous said…
LOVE that clutch! <3

XO Sahra
I love the acquamarine clutch and the chain bracelet, very cool!
such cute dress! i love to wear clothes from my mum and granny!
goodbadnfab said…
Your pictures look amazing!

Please check out my blog when you get a chance!
a fashion lawyer by day, fashion police by night...I play at red carpet events, shop all over town, and live life in the fab lane in LA!
Aline Chirinian said…
Adore this outfit! Especially the clutch :)

Lisa said…
loveee this outfit on you!! the floral dress is gorgeous and i love the pop of mint with your clutch!
mitch said…
floral prints are always fun to wear and that clutch is definitely makin' a statement. love the whole outfit. :)
alicia said…
I love the color of this clutch! beautiful. xo
madzia said…
great clutch :)