Shoot of the week: Hommage à Wim

Happy Sunday! It's the laziest day of the week and it's time to share with you my favorite spread this week. It's beautiful and sensual... Personally I find something really intense about it! "Hommage à Wim" by Peter Lindbergh blew my mind with it's beauty and depth! Daphne Groeneveld is a fallen angel ...  

Image sourse:  Influence and Stradoll

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Sianna said…
Втората и четвъртата снимка са просто прекрасни!
Elizaveta said…
I like this pictures!
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Carla C. said…
Daphne Groeneveld is perfect on these pics! lovely :)
True - what a stunning shoot and the black and white pictures add a whole other dimension!

Chic 'n Cheap Living
Oh so beautiful and dark. A fallen angel.

DEA said…
AMAZING PICS! They have a nice vibe: kinda glamorous but also urban... I LOVE THEM!
2Gitanas said…
first of all I want to thank you for visiting our blog and leaving a comment, we appreciate it and hope you visit us back. Secondly, I love Audrey Hepburn so we definitely have a few things in common...this black and white shoots are so unbelievable...thanks for sharing.
your blog is pretty nice so we are following! hope u follow back if you feel the same way...kisses Farah from
Katia said…
I love the emotion coming through these photos, I can just feel the story. Love it, love it
Anonymous said…
Lovely post with some great fashion
Sam said…
Love this post. Beautiful pics.
vintage process said…
Great look!!! I love it!!
Taghrid said…
love this shoot!
Coralie said…
Nice photos !

Cylia said…
makes me proud to be dutch! Daphne looks amazing.
What a gorgeous shoot! They're so powerful.
Zarna said…
beautiful :) i love this spread!
fashionapp said…
lovely post!
I like your blog!
Mimi said…
These photos are amazing! Such a glamourous shoot!

Aesthetic Lounge
My Style Vision said…
Beautiful images! love your blog! I'm a new follower.


menina elegante said…
Really cool editorial! :) x
Emma Robertson said…
I love these photos, so beautiful!

Bonnie said…
I love the wings. I want wings like this for my next photo shoot.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88
Joanna S. said…
gorgeous photos !:)
Em said…
So beautiful in black and white
ronan said…
wow amazing photos! xx
Kelly-Ann said…
Holy beautiful editorial, Batman! :) Amazing.
Dagmara said…
This is wicked! Thanks for sharing! Following your blog!

xx Dagmara
taylor said…
these photos are really pretty! But the guy kinda looks like a pervert, since he's so much older :/

Attention, Attention!
Kimberly said…
Hey Plami,

Wonderful post! Those images are hypnotizing! Who's that model? She has such a unique look!

BTW, I entered your giveaway =D Hope I win =D * crosses fingers*
Lisa said…
omgosh these photos are CRAZY AMAZING!! love the wings.. her eyes are so sexy!! haha
Kristal said…
these images are utterly provoking and mind blowing! great post! x
Oh my Dior! said…
romantic and beautiful pictures love them!!
Sianna said…
Да разбирам ли от коментара ти, че учиш/си учила в НБУ? Каква специалност?
I love your blog, what do you think of following each other?
El said…
This is GREAT. So talented and powerful.

classy & fabulous

These photos are unreal, yet very real. The black and white effect adds drama and intensity.


Chiffon, Lace and Leather Fashion Blog
Fashionistable said…
This is a great hommage to Wim Wenders. Like Wenders, Lindberg is amazing. Xxxx
lhamo Mashutzo said…
awesome photography,,,
ChiccaStyle said…
These pictures are to die for!!!I ADORE THEM!
Hello there sweetie! Thanks for the lovely comment over my blog! The photo-shoot is great and those wings are super!
Hope you'll have a great day!
xoxo Kiki
Vera said…
beautiful photos xx
Marie said…
Such a gorgeous photoshoot!
Sara said…
Omg these pictures are amazing, I love them and the fact that they are black and white makes everything so much better, such a lovely pictorial! Your have a lovely blog and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic
fallenmoon said…
i adore the good/bad white/black angel concept. i've been toying with it in my art for quite some time. great pictures!

What a great photos, they inspire us!
You have a great blog :)

Come and check out our blog to and share your though;)
PS we also have a international giveaway too:)

from Amsterdam
What a great photos, they inspire us!
You have a great blog :)

Come and check out our blog to and share your though;)
PS we also have a international giveaway too:)

from Amsterdam
Jen said…
Lovely editorials, so beautiful.
L'marie said…
I believe i am Daphne's biggest fan, my favourite model by far!!!!
gorgeous, inspiring post dear
jill said…
oh my gosh, these photos are incredible. I love the fact that they used an older man and a younger model, because these photos don't feel sexual to me at all. he's almost protective of her.

x. jill
Laura said…
Really like the blog :), loving the design of it :) will be following!

The Hearabouts said…
Wow, this photos are breathtaking! Thanks for sharing! A true inspiration!:)

The Hearabouts
I can't help but wonder how many stories can be written about these photos. Everyone will interpret them uniquely and that makes this shoot beautiful. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I love the Balenciaga fishnet top she's wearing in one of the photos. And, a "FALL-ing" angel is the perfect theme for Fall isn't it?

Kel said…
Stunning photos!!

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

talking about the other woman
Lucinda said…
Amazing photos! Wow!

Hope you can drop by my blog when you have a chance :)
Eline said…
these photos are só beautiful!
Daphne is gorgeous, as always ^^
I love the movie, and I think that these pictures interpret in a perfect way the emotional mood of it.
Karoline Kalvø said…
These photos are so beautiful! Love your blog. So much inspiration.

Come visit me
Karoline Kalvo
DailyGlamour said…
great photoshoot !
i follow you come to my page and follow if you like
Anonymous said…
това е най-интересната фотосесия, която съм виждала от доооста време! страхотна е! най-сетне мъжът да не е тип италианец сваляч!
Daisy said…
Such a lovely spread and such a lovely model. Makes me wish I could be a fashion photographer like that.
Agata said…
omg! amazing pictures!!!!!!
Laura Scott said…
I adore that shoot! Very inspirational.

Fashion Dawgs