What's in my purse

Hey my dears! Happy Sunday! It's the laziest day of the week, so enjoy it :) I know today I am supposed to post my favorite spread of the week but I chose the pictures from Kate Moss' wedding and I am sure You have already seen them. That's why instead I am going to participate in IFB's Project and tell you What's in my bag! This is the first time I am making such a post and It's quite fun! :) So here it is! The secret of my purse revealed!:)

So... What do I have: of course a wallet and keys with my two favorite key chains i bought in Italy :) The latest magazine I bough (Glamour in this case). Some make up: compact powder, dark red lipstick and two different lip glosses. Also deodorant, hand cream and wet wipes for sensitive skin. My favorite retro Ray Bans and the shades case I love! Hair clip and my phone and earphones. Without my phone I feel kind of lost and worried so I never leave the house without it, even just to go to the supermarket. So this is the long list, sometimes I have even more things inside - my Italian textbook, my notebook to stay online when I am in the university, etc. The three main things I absolutely always have are my phone, my keys and my wallet... oh, and a lip gloss :) 

I am not sure do the things in my bag describe the kind of person I'm. May be to some extension but definitely not completely. After all I cannot take everything with me going out... although sometime I really want to. 



I love these types of posts hahah I'm so nosey when it comes to things like this :D x
Janis Brandolt said…
oooh! love everyting!!!!
Oh yeah aviator sunglasses rock!
Clara Turbay said…
It looks like my bag.

Благодаря ти, че си се отбила и си оставила коментар в блога ми :))

amy said…
a girl always needs lipstick
i love the roses as your background, very pretty xx

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!
Jen S. said…
I always love seeing what's in other women's purses.....its always so different purse to purse....

Sarah Whitney said…
Ahh I love what's in your bag post! I need to do one of these soon!
LV said…
That looks a whole lot like my bag..LOL I love this post:-)

a story about M said…
great post! ;)
minnja said…
so beautiful.
I follow you now. It would make me very happy if you follow back.


great post! i love being able to see inside someones bag without having to go through it haha! thanks for visiting. I look forward to being updated each post :)

Zarna said…
it's always fun to see these "in her bag" posts!
Kimberly said…
Hey Plami!

I found you via IFB! =D Your blog is fab - I love the header; Audrey Hepburn is such an inspiration. I love your "what's in my bag" post. I LOVE reading glamour, it's one of my favorite magazines! Your wallet is super cute as well =) I'm now following you via google! I'd love it if you could come check out my blog as well and maybe follow =)


pretty blog! and these posts are so fun, i like seeing what others carry around!
Kariyah said…
Lovely wallet! Haha, yes, we women like to put our lives into our handbags:)

I love your wallet it's very pretty! I'm just the same, never leave the house without some reading material in my purse, usually Vogue..

The Pink Monocle
Devil_kin said…
Много са ми интересни подобни постове :))А една дамска чанта за мен ,никога не е достатъчно голяма , за да побере всичко нужно за да ме опише като човек :))
hahaha I want to have a post like this one soon!

am a new follower here .. check out my blog and follow me too?

I want to see more of your post

Jennifer Rose said…

Loved seeing the "secrets" of your purse, you seem to be prepared for anything and everything!


Ashlei M. said…
Loves it! I agree with your main essentials, I always always always have to have my phone (I feel lost without it, haha), my keys, my wallet, and chapstick/lipgloss :)

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my post!

xx Ashlei

Rachel Marie said…
Wasn't this such a fun project?
Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Oh wow! That is one organised handbag!


WilmaJean said…
Such a nice big bag! I'm on the hunt for one like yours;)
Bobbi said…
So great! And so is your Audrey blog design. Simply love her :)

La Mode En Rose said…
all is so pretty!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )
patriciaF said…
I agree with the 3 main things but instead of keys I always have mi lipstick(:
Marcela Gmd said…
Hi lovely, I like your blog!!
Maybe we can follow each other?
Besos, desde España, Marcela
t said…
Great post! Luv what's in your bag posts.

lhamo Mashutzo said…
i have the same phone and the Ray ban shade!
same pinch...
shall we follow each other?
Constance said…
Love the colour of the bag!! x
3QC said…
Ah, I remember Fa deodorant from my teenage years!

Anonymous said…
I just did a post on the contents of my purse too!

Check out my blog at http://stylelustpages.com!
mitch said…
love everything you have in your bag! :)
sreb said…
omg! the bg edition of glamour! are you bg? :)
Lauren said…
I love posts like this! They are so cool!

I just stumbled upon your blog and I really like it!