New in! Lovely lavender bags

Good morning world! It's Friday and the weekend is just around the corner! What are your plans? I have a sewing project in which I guess I'll be getting into or may be I will do some reading I'm not sure. Anyways, today I want to share with you what's what's new in FashionRose (my mom's online boutique). These are not clothes, but the most lovely home accessories which also have a good effect on you!

These are lovely hand embroidered bags and inside there's a little cushion filled with dry Bulgarian lavender. You can put them anywhere in your home - the bathroom, the rooms, your wardrobe. The scent has a soothing and relaxing qualities and also protects the clothing from months! I know I will definitely put some both in my room and in my closet! :) These pretty little treasures will be listed on FashionRose in the next few days so if you're interested stay tuned!

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Have a great Friday!



Nikki said…
I love these pretty victorian lavender bags ^^ I used to have on of those in my closet ^^ x
Dani said…
Cute bags, I love them for making all my fashion treasures smell sweet :)
Cute blog.
Love your new follower Dani xx
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Ivanina said…
Чудни! :-)))
Miss Viki said…
the bags look very pretty, love the rose stitching :)
Dessislava said…
Много са сладурски и оригинални.
Fashiable said…
Cristina L. said…
i love these lavender bags...they are so etno and stylish))

stunning blog
Little Rus said…
Absolutely beautiful! And they would make a wonderful gift, too. x
Sweet darling. said…
the bag is amazing. Such a lovely small piece of work :)
keep it up !! would really love to have a holdof that only if i didn't promise myself to stop spending :(

Anonymous said…
красота, красота, красота!
Angela said…
Super!!!! Tres chic!!!
Angela Donava
Olivia said…
I'm very diligent about every corner of my home smelling fresh and nice- these bags are a great way to keep closets and drawers smelling lovely. Your mom is so talented.

Liv @
C & M said…
So cute!! :D Maybe I should by one myself? :)
Really great blog, I like you're header A LOT, and especially the saying/quote.

ronan said…
these are so cute! xxx
Nita said…
U manufactured them? They r so cute im following u
a story about M said…
so cute! :)
Mela said…
Super cute bags!!:)
Mela xx
Eva said…
Много са сладки! :)
El said…
This is just so beautiful! :)
Have a great weekend!

classy & fabulous

Tanii said…
These are really cute!Thank you for the comment!xx Tanja
Trend Steps said…
OMG that is adorable! I love handmade stuff, they make everything seem so home-y :)
romwe said…
Wow,the hand embroidered bags??!!Brilliant jobs!!They look so adorable,so sweet like cute little girls' shining,amazing,But they are not all roses right?
oh you have a very nice and interesting blog!! I like your blog :)
mind to visit and follow me? I'll follow you back then :)
oh you have a very nice and interesting blog!! I like your blog :)
mind to visit and follow me? I'll follow you back then :)
These are so fabulous AND hand embroidered? Your mom is too talented! Have a lovely weekend dear!

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Sofie said…
they are cute! ♥
I love crafts, beautiful bags!

mwan said…
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love from Hong Kong
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