NEW IN FashionRose! My mom's online boutique!

Hey!!! How's your weekend going? My Saturday has been relaxing and lazy. I spent half of the day at the park and the other half at mall. What's better!? :) As I promised earlier on my facebook page I am going to show you what's new in store in my mom's Etsy Boutique! We thought fall is already approaching so here are some gorgeous scarf great not only for transitioning to the chilly weather but also to wear during fall and winter! :)

Champagne Cowl Scarf

Champagne Caplet 


Champagne Scarf and Two beautiful Crochet Flowers


Ah... I want to keep these to myself! They're so warm, cozy and beautiful! You will see them listed on FashionRose one by one in the next few days so don't forget to check regularly if you're interested in adding them to your wardrobe!

Have an incredible weekend!



Angela Sim said…
What great ways to wear the new items! I especially have a thing for the Champagne Scarf with the dangling flowers at the ends.

Oh and in case if you were still wondering, the IFB's latest contest deadline is at Tuesday 12 a.m. EST. Just saw it on their Twitter! I hope you have fun with your contest post!
a story about M said…
Love it! ;)
Tere said…
amazing your look, i really love this combination!
have a great day!
Anonymous said…
lovely scarf!
Loretta said…
Thank you for your comment! on the site it says check back on wednesday, so im guessing before wednesday? (:
Marcia B. said…
wow this scharf is such a piece of art, i love the floral details! Your mom is so talented, love it! I am now followng your blog! Follow me back if you like? :)
Your mom has done a great job. I'm sure she will do well on etsy. I love the nubby yarn she used. Cute!
snoopellie said…
very nice scarf! want to have one, but not really appropriate here in our country, but its nice and looks so warm! :)
Shervin Nassi said…
very cool post! very cool look!
Kacrates said…
I really like! :) Congrats to you and your mum. I love that second scarf with the hanging flowers.
Little Petite said…
You're way too sweet thanks for the comment<3 The scarf is very pretty!
Lu said…
Fantastic blog and sytle.
Follow you. I´m soo pleased if you follow me back.

Francesca said…
wow best of luck to your mum's etsy store! xx opinionslave
/ twitter: @opinionslave
Kimberly said…
Hey Plami,

Your dress and scarf are so beautiful! Your mom's designs are fabulous =) I'm now following you via google =) Looking forward to more posts!
Cute outfit! I love the cowl scarf worn over the head. Good luck with your mum's etsy shop!
mestizay said…
lovely scarf! you styled it really well.:)
Anonymous said…
those scarves are so versatile! and look oh sooo cozy <3

XO Sahra
Fashionistable said…
Cute and versatile. Xxxx
Style ninfa said…
Love your tatoo ;)
Nice scarf!
goodbadnfab said…
Your post was very inspiring. I like your writing style...a LOT!

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Maya said…
Cute outfit.
I like your blog.
Also thank you for checking out my blog.

I really appreciate it.

3QC said…
Great scarves, and I really like your makeup in these shots.
Anonymous said…
Tiffany Pearl said…
You are so gorgeous girl. You should check out my college bikini line and give it a try. You would definitely do it justice.

Miss Fanatic