Inspirational Quote: George Scialabba

A new month has began! It's the last month of summer so we better enjoy it! Here's a quote to live by not just this week or month, but all year long!

Don't let anyone tell you your dreams are crazy! Be bold enough to dream big! After all you're just an intelligent and ambictous person having a little bit of fun! And what's life without fun in it!

Have a great August!

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classiq said…
That is a quote to live by. :)
ps: thank you for stopping by my blog
Rocker Chic said…
I love this quote!
colorsdiary said…
this is a great quote :)
ChuChus said…
i like your pic!
ChiccaStyle said…
OMG,love this quote honey!!!Thanks for sharing positive energy!
Clara Turbay said…
i love that picture!

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