Inspirational Quote: Anne Frank

Happy Monday! I woke up really late today ... almost at noon and I don't feel even a little bit guilty! Do you know that feeling when you sleep enough, wake up by your self and not just because a stupid and annoying alarm, and the sun is shining outside and you know you have the whole day to do whatever you want to do? And after making my morning, or in this case noon coffee, what I want to do is to share with you a little bit of inspiration. One short sentence that we should all try to live by 

... and these words, so optimistic and so truthful coming from a young Jewish girl living during the war. Just think about how strong she was ... The world is indeed beautiful, if you only open your eyes and look around you, you will find so many reasons to be happy!

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Leia said…
That's a wonderful quote!

Cookie said…
so so nice!!
I love this quote. Thank you!
Alexandra Grecco
What an amazing quote

P/S: I hear ya..... The feeling of having to wake up just because the alarm clock rings is just awful. I love to sleep in. I can sleep until 5 pm in the afternoon. ;P

Happy Monday! ;)
Olivia said…
A beautiful quote to start off my Monday. Thanks!

Liv @
Carissa said…
totally agree with what the quote say :)

Carissa ♥
Oh my Dior! said…
that's really a cute quote love it!!
Veronique said…
Amazing quote - I like quotes!
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
What an amazing quote! It's so true <3
Chloe Nghiem said…
This is a wonderful quote, thanks for sharing
Anonymous said…
love this!
thank you for the comment!
Pop Champagne said…
nice quote and there's so much truth to that!!
Love this quote xx
MosaMuse said…
great quote!
Thank you Plami, you are so right! I am still in my pajamas--haha and enjoying my coffee and some blog reading. No need to be fierce about Monday, I'm just trying to ease into it and enjoying the beauty all around me a little more thanks to your reminder.

xoxo Mary Jo
Fashion dose said…
Lovely quote, so true!

P.s. Like your blog, following you :)
A perfect quote for (a rather perfect) Monday!

Sheer Girl said…
it's so perfect and true
Leya said…
great words :D
Lisa said…
beautiful the quote is so gorgeous! one of the most exciting things i'm excited to do when i move to europe is to visit amsterdam and visit the ann frank house :)!!
Wise words I would say! Thanks for the lovely comment over my blog dear!
Hope you had a great day!
xoxo Kiki
Limasim said…
amazing qoute! Beautiful blog, i will follow you!
Such a lovely quote. I just loved reading the diary of Anne Frank. One of the 1st 'serious' books I read. :)SarahD
ronan said…
that's a lovely quote :) thanks for your sweet comment, visit me again soon xxx
Katherine said…
Such an amazing and inspirational quote - thank you!
Bravoe Runway said…
That is an amazing quote and it was one of the most memorable books I had ever read while I was in school! It brings back some very fond memories!
Chococcuro said…
Just what I needed today to cheer me up :)

Love your blog btw~ so I followed you! ^^
Great blog!! we follow you because it's so beautiful. kisses and if you want, you can visit our blog :) Kisses
K. Cruz said…
I love Anne Frank, beautiful quote, thank you for the book suggestions! I'm in love with Pride & Prejudice and wouldn't mind reading it again :).
Natalie Suarez said…
amazing quote! LOVE IT :)

What a beautiful quote. Gave me chills :)
I can`t believe somebody living in Germany said that! :)
Sleeping in sounds so nice, and that quote is wonderful!
Bonnie said…
It's a Monday, so I definitely needed this quote.
P.S. SO JEALOUS of you getting to sleep in today!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88
Erin said…
That is such a lovely quote! Thank you for sharing!


Erin @
taylor said…
this. quote. is. awesome!! lovveeee

xxAttention, Attention!
So right! Think of all the beauty and be happy!
LyddieGal said…
those are some good words to live by. enjoy the day!

Chic on the Cheap
that's a wonderful quote, and a nice reminder to open your eyes and find optimism even in your worst moments. thanks for sharing! happy to have found your blog! definitely following!
Lucinda said…
Beautiful quote indeed <3
The Desert Fox said…
So so so true. Anne Frank is such an inspiration

FashionJazz said…
Love this quote :D

SC said…
Yes, very inspiring.
Angela said…
Super quote!
Angela Donava
Fashionistable said…
This has just floored me. Beautiful. Xxxx
Anonymous said…
прочети книгата, ако вече не си я прочела - невероятна е. :)
she has so many great quotes...such a wise little girl.
the fashlight said…
beautiful quote!

--paola (new post - 43 countless hours)