The Great Designers: Vicktoria Beckham

Lately I am thinking about fall a lot... I am planning my wardrobe for the new season and I am really excited to wear some pieces I really miss and some that brand new, I even made some of them with my mom's help of course. There are many designers and collections that I find incredibly beautiful and inspiring and today I want to share with you one of them. The collection is all about femininity, elegance and clean designs. Nothing overdone and nothing neglected, every single piece is perfect! 

Here's Vicktoria Beckham's Fall 2011 RTW gorgeous collection!

This season it's all about bright shades of magenta, vermilion, and saffron. Her signature flattering hourglass dresses are loosened up more than ever and the draping is pushed. This gets me thinking... is it true she finished the line before she knew she's pregnant with her forth baby? Is it all just happy coincidence? We also see some new editions to Vicktoria's  work like the two blouson minidresses with cocooning shapes. The structured wool fall coats are surprising and new as well. My favorite outfits are the ones that look like draped cashmere shawls belted over pencil skirts, they're actually brilliant dresses. What are your favorite pieces from this collection? Do you share the same admiration? 

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Bang and Buck said…
she's really proving her worth, that one!


Bang & Buck
The yellow is definitely my favourite colour!

-Laura xx
MosaMuse said…
i like the structure of these pieces!
Emma said…
That's a beautiful collection!
I love the colours and the shapes..
JustPatience said…
Love VB. I died when I saw the beautiful colors in these dresses which are pieces of art IMO. If only her dresses were not expensive. I'll have them all!

amy b.s. said…
i just love the simplicity in her collections. they just look so effortless and classic.
MIRIAM said…
Nice collection...I like it!!! Compliments for your post anf your blog!!! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog :)

Lauren said…
I have always been a huge fan of VB. I think she has great style and taste. Love her!

I am loving the collection once it gets to the neutrals! Those are right up my alley!

it is incredible how much she has developed herself as a designer! I am also now a fan

HeyDahye said…
I love it!! Totally impressed.
Josie said…
I love the rich colors!
xo Josie
Anonymous said…
това ревю е доста старичко... тъй де, от тази година го знам, но не е много ново. дрехите са невероятни - този тип силует е прекрасен!
Anonymous said…
мдам, досетих се, макар и малко по-късно. :) те си правят дрехите за есента и зимата още предната година и ги показват, тъй че е нормално да показваш едно нещо като ново и после пак да го покажеш пак, когато му дойде времето да се носи:)
♥byAnja said…
great collection, but it's to classic for me
Jen said…
Beautiful collection! I've been impressed by Beckham, the dresses are always so her and structured and sexy.
Sianna said…
Има доста добри попадения. Всъщност повечето са добри - изчистени линии, подходящи за есента цветове. Аз лично не бих я наредила до най-добрите, но определено се доказва всеки път.
Fashionistable said…
Yes the girl is good. Beautiful silhouettes. Xxxx
CottonCandy said…
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Bobbi said…
She's seriously Super Mom! To have four kids and still come out with an amazing collection - props to her! Great photos :)

jess said…
I love the colors in the collection.
B a la Moda said…
It looks like an interesting collection.

B* a la Moda
L M ♥ la mode said…
Iovely pics... good collection... check me out and give me your impression, I have a new post kisss
L M ♥ la mode said…
Iovely pics... good collection... check me out and give me your impression, I have a new post kisss
Black Pearls said…
This is sooo cool. I love all the pictures!! This is great inspiration.
xoxo asiahlynn
Phuong said…
i love those colors for fall/winter

Travel in Style
Bad Joan said…
Love that bright orange color!

I love the burgundy!!!


I love the burgundy
Rand T said…
WOW!!love this :) xx
Bonnie said…
I love Victoria Beckham so, so, so much. Really, it's an obsession. I love her. I would have her babies.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88
rayray said…
Love Victoria Beckham. Your blog has officially become my new addiction.
Anonymous said…
love vb! burgundy seems to be popping up everywhere! great picks!
Clara Turbay said…
i like all of them. I love every post. i´d like you ckeck out mine.
Kim W. said…
wow i love vb and her collection is wonderful!! love the lines and colors! :) Kim
great collection! i love the colors <3
visit my blog? :)

Joie de Vivre
David Diaz said…
Her clothes are very simple yet very chic! Great post! :D

Have a Good Day!

Andrea said…
Wow I can't believe Victoria Beckham designed that it's so conservative for her. Very interesting collection.
Oh my Dior! said…
amazing collection love the bold colors!!
mwan said…
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love from Hong Kong
navy and orange said…
amazing post! love the minimal use of patterns and the solid colors!

xoxo navy & orange
Marissa Joy said…
I love how clean her lines are and how she uses color- so great!
Ulrika said…
I love Posh. She's developed so much as a designer, I can't believe this is her work.

The colour pallette of this fall's line is fabulous, I could wear any of the looks anytime. :)


I love Victoria , she's an amazing designer as well as an inspiring lady. I love your blog which I found through and I'm now following!
Maybe if you get a chance you'd check my blog out and follow if you like it!?

I love all the bold colours!